A Memo

To those who know what incident I'm referring to: When I say that I will not accept a lie that I know to be a lie, no matter what the cost, it is exactly what I mean. Let me boil it down for everyone. There is no value in the universe, up to an including my own life -- my most cherished value -- that is worth willfully swallowing an abject contradiction of reality that…Read More

“Cold-Ass Facts”

I think Cathy Young does a decent job, here, of sorting through the steaming piles of bullshit that represent the left's case against and the right's case for the war in Iraq. You should take the few minutes to read it regardless of what side you're on. Of course, the charge that the Bush administration manipulated intelligence data either is true, or isn't true. There's no such thing as an unpatriotic fact. And here's the…Read More

Justice Always Gets Paid

“Whenever Merck was up there [on the witness stand], it was like wah, wah, wah,” juror John Ostrom told The Wall Street Journal, imitating the drone of Charlie Brown’s teacher after dunning Merck & Co. for $253 million in damages. He was describing his own reason for finding that Merck’s Vioxx had killed a 59-year-old man, even though the trial established that the man had died of unrelated causes. Ostrom’s fellow jurors don’t seem much…Read More

A Thought Experiment

OK, here's the deal: go read what Kyle Bennett did to some thieves, and then imagine had he called "the authorities" to help him out. Here's what I imagine. Rather than justice having been rendered in total, by now, Kyle is still sitting there with the guys who've got to "file their report" (in order to justify their budget: use it or lose it, y'know?), and they're still stuck on the part where the thieves…Read More

Practical Causes & Effects

The announcement by GM to eliminate a whopping 30,000 jobs delivers a good opportunity for a lesson in causes & effects. Since you're very unlikely to receive any sort of accurate assignment of same anywhere in the major media, let's give it a bit of a go here, shall we? Of course, you're going to hear the standard inversion of cause and effect. You're going to "learn," because the labor unions are going to make…Read More

Get the Bloodhound

I like to report on good service I receive whenever I can. As I've blogged, we recently sold our home. One of the motivating factors was to use some of the profits to invest in other real estate. Phoenix, AZ, happens to be the hottest appreciating market in the country, right now, and even though the run-up in prices in the last year precludes positive rental cash flow (unless you go in with lots of…Read More

Sent Items: Exposing Evil Motives

Yea, I've been a lousy blogger of late. Well, we finally sold, closed and moved out of the home we've occupied these last 6 1/2 years in San Jose, CA. Bought it as a fixer-upper in 1999 and sold for almost tripple what we paid. It was about 1500 sq. ft., 4 BR, 2 bath, and a 2-car garage. We bought a new construction, downtown loft town-home at an insane price of almost $600 per…Read More

Stand-Up Business

TypePad, the company that runs both the servers and the continuously updated and improved server-side software that runs this blog, have been having growing pains. There have been service issues: sluggish performance and the occasional short-term outage. Nothing amounting to incompetence, that I can detect. I'd have no tolerance or patience for that. They've sent out a communication or two about it, asking for patience. Now this: Compensation for this less than stellar performance We…Read More

Understanding Evil

Like I said in my last entry, I've been in San Fran all week. Last night, Friday, I headed out for one of my favorite regular joints, the Daily Grill, just off Union Square. I'm staying on the other side of the square, right atop the Stockton Tunnel. The square's packed this Friday night in a sea of crimson & gold: USC is up for today's game with the Cal Bears. I mean: USC is…Read More

Goings On

I'm in San Francisco for the week, since Saturday night. Mostly business, and the days are full. Other than that, both our house that we sold and the new loft we purchased close this week, and we move Sunday morning -- right after I get back Saturday night. Alors, just too little time to blog. I would like to get something out regarding France, since I lived there for two years and parle le langue.…Read More

Lucky Stars

Yep, the lucky stars were definitely out for this group of football spectators. How would you like to have a plane crash only two or three feet behind where you're standing, and by the time you have any clue as to what's going on, it's over? Go and click on the "Video" link right under the photo. It requires IE. Firefox doesn't work. They show it once in real motion, and then in slow motion.…Read More

Just Politics as Usual

Matt Welch lays out just exactly why I will never, EVER again in my life get worked up over a political election. Besides, it's a lot more fun sitting on the sidelines. Ever go to a party, not feel like drinking, and watch everyone else drink -- and then dance? While you're stone-cold sober? Yep, that's what the political scene is like, for me. I admit it. I was stupid. I just thought that firing…Read More

America the Police State

America, "home of the free," actively destroys more of its citizens' lives, per capita, through imprisonment, than any other country in the world. It puts people in jail at a higher rate than even communist China. Based on the latest figures from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the Drug War Chronicle estimates that more than 530,000 people were behind bars for drug offenses in the U.S. at the end of last year. Drug offenders accounted…Read More

The Supremes

Well, given no choice for actual freedom, I'll take a judicial conservative any day over a commie activist. I'll curse them for their damnable meddling in the private consensual affairs of adults; I'll poke fun of their primitive and childish beliefs in fairy tales; and I'll pray for their early and painful deaths when they conflate their religious moral values and American culture (all conservatives deserve 50 lashes in the public square for that one).…Read More

Sent Items

This just out, in email: Me? I just can't and have never been able to muster any energy for this event. From day one, over two years ago. Not a single word on my blog about it, ever. My view? This is a bit different than Martha Stewart in that she was a private citizen just trying to save her own ass; and what do you expect anyone to do when prosecutors come knocking? It's…Read More


From John Stossel's weekly email forwarded by my dad: By the way, I'm writing another book. It will be called "Myths." Do you have any myths you want me to research and write about? JohnStossel@abcnews.com And dad's follow-up email: Hey, why don't you come up with some myth's for J.S.'s new book, Myths. Hey, it's not a bad idea, though judging from Stossel's first book, there's probably nothing I can come up with in the…Read More

No Contradiction

The other day, someone wrote somthing about Billy Beck that could just as easily apply to me and others. I am constantly both amused and dismayed by those who regularly ridicule government, then take some supposed 'long view' of history to justify war, which is merely the ace card of government's stranglehold upon citizens. ... I have never really understood why he trusts government to go to war, over against those who distrust our government--as…Read More

Up, is Down; and Etc.

For starters, I'm no Great Big Fan of the U.S Constitution, on principled grounds. That said, I coincidentally agree with a number of the general legal principles espoused therein, as well I understand the underlying basis and logic for it and respect the integrity of conservatives who strive to keep it and abide by it. In the quest for a new Associate Justice, it seems to me that you want someone smart. Someone who can…Read More

It Usually Begins With Theft

Want to be right most of the time, with little effort, and with hardly even thinking about it? Just attribute each and every problem you perceive with government to: theft. I can't, offhand, think of a situation where you wouldn't be fundamentally correct. Billy Beck demonstrates how everyone is wrong about one problem, "inflation," and if you use my simple principle, above, you'll be right. You'll be right, and Alan Greenspan, for instance, will be…Read More