Absolute Power

Well, reading this will pretty much tell you why Samuel Alito will be confirmed as the next justice of the Supreme Court. In short, he's really the ideal candidate, whether you're a Republican or Democrat politician in DC. Why's that? 'Cause he's going to rubber stamp your every grab at government power. If the analysis and reportage I'm seeing is anywhere close to accurate, this is the worst-possible sort of justice. I'd rather take my…Read More

The “New” Navy

Unfortunately for Black, among the midshipmen was at least one sensitive female. He also made some other equally spicy comments about his ex-wife, of whom he apparently is no longer fond, that were overheard by, but not spoken in front of, female midshipmen. Now he faces a special court-martial and three criminal charges. Oh, you bet. Glad I got out in 1992, when it was still predominately a man's Navy. Not any more, apparently. Well,…Read More

Billy’s Notes

Billy Beck has up a pretty lengthy post, wherein he takes note of a lot--to include the Alito hearings, national security in the face of terrorism, and the role of the church in history and present. And that institution is never going to "hold together" people who -- for good reasons -- just about instinctively reject the claim over the authority of their own minds, and this the important part to bear in mind in…Read More

Naming Names

The WWW is the closest thing we've got to a Public Ostracism Database. This is why I believe in boldly naming names whenever really warranted. So, how about when a guy sits on death row, waiting to be executed, because a bunch of G.I. Joe Wannabes broke down his door one night and he shot and killed on of them in self-defense? How about when city officials fire his public defender legal counsel (one government…Read More


George Will just won't let up on those utter and contemptible frauds who call themselves conservative and Republicans. Liberals practice "K Street liberalism" with an easy conscience because they believe government should do as much as possible for as many interests as possible. But "K Street conservatism" compounds unseemliness with hypocrisy. Until the Bush administration, with its incontinent spending, unleashed an especially conscienceless Republican control of both political branches, conservatives pretended to believe in limited…Read More


I always like to have my print copy of Reason Magazine in the car so that when I stop at a cafe to have breakfast on the way to the office, which I frequently do, I can read an article or two. The other day, I read this piece, which has to do with radical human enhancement and such. You know, humans improving upon God's rather insipid creation, as they've always done and will continue…Read More

Fundamental Distinctions

I find that I tend to draw my distinctions a lot deeper than most folks. This is why--for instance--I have a difficult time finding important differences between the federal government and an organized mob controlling an area or neighborhood. I could list dozens of important parallels, but it's not the point of this post. It's true that in government, I tend to prefer conservatives to liberals and those religious to those secular, even though I'm…Read More

Looking Back

Via Hit & Run, I get a link over to this WSJ Editorial that minimally has the virtue of telling a decent bit of the truth about who republican politicians really are. More broadly, however, the Abramoff scandal wouldn't resonate nearly as much with the public if it didn't fit a GOP pattern of becoming cozy with Beltway mores. The party that swept to power on term limits, spending restraint and reform has become the…Read More

G.I. Joe Report

Radley Balko reports on more limp-dick, G.I. Joe wannabes who like to dress up in assault gear, break down doors, point automatic assault rifles, and generally terrorize people in possession of a little weed. And, sometimes (often), they even get the wrong house. You know, I just have a difficult time understanding how a person--a so-called man--can live a life like that; terrorizing people who aren't harming anyone. It's an objective fact that nobody of…Read More

Post Hoc, Ergo, Propter Hoc

Which completely sums up what sort of idiot Pat Robertson is. Those who require exorcism of their similar idiocies can begin right here. And make sure to "see also," and follow "external links." Such begins your path to redemption as a human being with a mind.Read More

Parliament of Whores

First things first: the title is ripped off from P.J. O'Roarke, who wrote a book by the same title. Jim Bovard has a rather humorous post up about the Abramoff "lobbying" scandal. Here's one, quoting the NYT quoting some former republican aide: “There’s a lot of talk coming out of various quarters that the Justice Department is going to pursue a different definition of bribery, meaning that if somebody were to give a gift or…Read More

It’s the Power, Stupid

Do you have any idea how hysterically I laugh at most of you all; and in particular, currently, at Republicans bending over backwards to defend "abuses of power" they would not have tolerated for an instant in the previous administration of the office of the chief executive? They wouldn't tolerate lying about a blow-job (and they shouldn't), but they will tolerate just about whatever from the guy who heads the other team (and they shouldn't).…Read More

Back to Work

I think that right up there with the wonder and enjoyment of all the festivities surrounding the general Holiday Season, that begins really with Thanksgiving, continues to Christmas, and ended yesterday, is the enjoyment of getting back to work with a renewed and fresh sense of purpose. Man I'm glad to be back.Read More