The Obliteration of Reason

Do you recall my favorite quote from the film The Conspiracy? "It made me distrust the language." That was in reference to the study of the law. It came on the heals of a discussion concerning the "evacuation" of Jews, such being an euphemism for gassing and incinerating them at the efficient rate of 2,500 per hour (60,000 per day). The Wannsee Conference was primarily an affair designed to secure allegiance and accord for the extermination of Jews from key figures in the German government. The method by which this was accomplished was appeal after appeal to legal principles. With that in mind, stuff like this doesn't sound too-far-fetched at all. "It's hard for a parent to compete with so many ads making junk food fun and cool," Sherri Carlson, a mother of three who would be a plaintiff in a lawsuit, told reporters. "Although I have a strict policy against junk cereals in my house ... this doesn't stop my children from asking me for them, especially after seeing enticing ads." Yep. You can now sue because your kids ask you to buy them something, and get the pimps and whores in the media to swoon over you like...

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Richard Nikoley

I'm Richard Nikoley. Free The Animal began in 2003 and as of 2022, contains over 5,000 posts. I blog what I wish...from health, diet, and food to travel and lifestyle; to politics, social antagonism, expat-living location and time independent—while you sleep—income. I celebrate the audacity and hubris to live by your own exclusive authority and take your own chances. Read More
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