Propping Up the Illusion

Well I’d wanted to jot something down about "Ugly and Uglier" (Jagger & Richards), but I see plenty out there already. Yea, they probably ought to call it quits; but I sure as hell wouldn’t. Good for them, I say.

So I found something else to blog. Stories right here, and here. Let’s not conflate everything, K? We’re not talking here about a bunch of mindless yokels coming out to get in the way of professionals doing a professional job that calls for the expertise of only trained professionals.

What we’re talking about, it seems clear to me, is trained and competent people able to produce results that the "authorities" either could not or would not produce.

[Capt. Jerry
] said the nighttime toe-in maneuver was too risky. "I would not have allowed our pilots to do that mission," he said.

Obviously, since other people with their own lives to risk–not to mention that fact that the helicopter was owned by one of the rescuers and not "we the people"–pulled off the rescue.

Pete Cunha, a local California Highway Patrol pilot contacted by the
newspaper, also said rescuers should have left the task to experts.
"It’s not a game for amateurs," said Cunha. CHP has a couple of
night-capable Eurocopter 305s but won’t fly them in rough terrain at
night. He said the authorities have to keep control of these types of

AVweb is a bit more restrained than I in their parenthetical remark to this "(even if they can’t or won’t participate in them)". Hey, Peter "Cunt-ha," you miserable little pussy: It is you who ought to either, go do the job yourself, you fucking sissy, or at least have the manhood to pay proper respect and homage to those who do.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Kyle Bennett on February 6, 2006 at 11:22

    "That was a non-sanctioned event." and "He said the authorities have to keep control of these types of operations."

    As always, official sanction and control are the top priority. The actual rescue and saving of lives is a distant second. It's just a bonus, really, and eagerly foregone when it conflicts with the Prime Directive.

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