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I just have to wonder. You know, government has essentially become a TV show. What, with real-time cable news and commentary–not forgetting the whores on both sides of the congressional isle, ready 24/7 to sit for an interview–to entertain us, local news, and of course, the broadcast extravaganzas like last night’s State of the Union, the political conventions, the debates, etc…

Now, I’ve always loved the detective shows, where responsible and deliberate people use their minds and ability to sort out reality: to nab real doers of harm. But then you have shows like Cops, and you get a mix. Some of the subjects are dangerous, and indeed, need to be taken down (don’t think for a second I care who takes them down: any 90-year-old grandmother has every bit the moral authority of any cop–cops are just professionals to a task). Others are just annoyances and the cops only make everything more annoying. Other times, often even, they stick their noses into things that simply aren’t their business. I guess they missed that lesson from mom.

And then you have SWAT, the very acronym of which has come to represent, for me, something perverse, when it used to represent a boisterous lust for righteous justice.

But that’s all superseded, now. SWAT is a TV show. That pretty much guarantees that the entertainment value will far outstrip any call to actual serious deliberation, thought, or introspection on the part of viewers as to what is actually taking place, to real live people with real lives. I mean, after all, youse all vote every two years to steal from your neighbors in order to pay for something you want. You’re entertained and delighted by the whole process. Why should I expect any of you miserable reprobates to act any differently when it comes to the real lives of real human beings?

Huh? Tell me why. So, I’m left with essentially nothing but to be thoroughly disgusted by almost everybody.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. J's Girlfriend on February 2, 2006 at 06:00

    There clearly is nothing wrong with informing people about politics, after all here in Britain there's the parliament channel where you can listen in to parliament debate as often as you like (Blair actually has to respond to off-the-cuff questions every Tuesday, you know…).

    But I agree that in the US there is so much self-censorship in the media that the whole exercise of political reporting becomes pointless.

  2. jill on February 2, 2006 at 06:49

    Maybe it is the same reason we drive slow around an accident. Plus we have an endless need to be the first to know, first to solve,etc.

  3. Squire on February 3, 2006 at 10:06

    Nice site..
    Its been a while I watched TV

  4. Trent on February 3, 2006 at 11:08

    The problem is in the inherent biases that are delivered in this mix of reporting and entertainment. Individuals are being led to believing inherently in a specific viewpoint, leading the United States down a very partisan path in which people spend their time yelling about minor issues like same-sex marriage while the thieves in Washington bankrupt the country.

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