262 Million Dead

As much as I cherish the Americans all over the world who’d love to come here, and those who’ve already risked life & limb to get here, May Day simply is not the proper forum in which to commemorate this struggle.

As I alerted you way back on May 1, 2004, May Day ought to be about commemorating the millions dead at the hands of totalitarian regimes operating under the dishonest, manipulative, fallacious banner of "worker’s rights."

Somehow I forgot to bring you Catallarchy’s 2005 remembrance. And now it’s 2006 already. I really can’t admonish you enough to take the time to go and read the articles that make up each of these yearly remembrances. Most people, today, have a pretty decent general knowledge of the atrocities carried out by Hitler. As awful as they were, they pale in comparison to the atrocities carried out under the regimes of the USSR and Chinese communists that account for well over 100 million people exterminated.

It has long raised the question for me: is it that innocent people were killed without provocation, or the reason they were killed? The Jews were killed out of racist hatred and envy. The reality of that is abhorrent to most people and cultures the world over, and it is rightfully never forgotten or dismissed. Tens of millions more were killed in the name of establishing a "worker’s paradise," yet far from being forgotten, it’s never brought up, most people have no clue about it, and I’m not certain they really care. It was for a "good cause," you see.

The point is made even broader when one considers that the chief cause of death beyond natural causes is: government. In all of human history, the total would surely amount to over a billion killed by governments, not including war. In the 20th century alone, that 100-year span killed about 35 million people in wars. Apart from that, governments killed 262 million of their own citizens.

Of course, such peril could never happen here.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Kyle Bennett on May 3, 2006 at 10:23

    …those frauds who falsely claimed to represent the best interests of workers. Organized killing on a vast scale is all about power…

    Claiming to represent the interests of others is always a false claim, and is always all about power. Government per se is all about power – the essence of it is a claim to represent the interests of others – and is the root cause of these atrocities. Outsourcing the pursuit of your own interests is a sure way to see that your interests aren't pursued, and more likely are actively opposed.

  2. Richard Nikoley on May 3, 2006 at 10:33


    That's a good comment and an excellent point. Allow me to clarify. When I say "government," what I'm really referring to is "organized force" and government just happens to be the most prevalent and recognizable form of it. Moreover, its aim is always to establish a jurisdictional monopoly on organized force or violence.

    To state it another way, it's like my friend Greg Swann says: "any club you can't quit is a government."

    I do think you are mistaken to claim it's not about ideology (philosophy, in my book). Organized killing is certainly about power (essentially a tautological statement), but this power over others is given by a particular ideology or philosophy that elevates itself above the rights of individuals (collectivism). Thus, for the sake of some contrived group, there's virtually no cost in terms of individuals that cannot be rationalized.

  3. Mike on May 3, 2006 at 09:53

    You do well to remember the atrocities of the recent past, such as Stalin's slaughter of the Kulaks. However, it is a mistake to pin the blame on government, per se, and specifically those frauds who falsely claimed to represent the best interests of workers. Organized killing on a vast scale is all about power; ideology is a mere mask; you must look behind it to see the true face of absolute corruption.

    When the Israelites of Biblical times invaded the promised land, they "dedicated to the sword" the towns and villages they conquered. Not only did they kill every man, woman and child, they even killed the livestock. They had no government.

    It is important to remember history; that includes the Old Testament.

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