Dear John

Well, taking just the non-gibberish portions of your comments

"Well, you know, when I read of millions of people being ‘consigned to dung heaps’ – children too, I guess – I think that in such circumstances I’d prefer to be numbered among the dead myself."

You have been. You are. You will. Humanity has been consigned to the dung heap, by nature, for all of history, John, and you are condemned to join them. Don’t you get it? Hell, even large swaths of human myth understand that fact, as well as the convenience it offers for conjuring up unprovable, mystical ways out for the lazy and ignorant.

For tens of thousands of years, man lived a few short years in miserable conditions and general discomfort. And now he doesn’t. Not because of myths, but because of what the few accomplished–because those heroic ones were able to control our very environment, the very nature of our existence. And there’s no reason it should end there. In times past, the 99% of the population who are functional morons and imbeciles just shut up and did as they were told while the few, uncrippled by stupidity, went and built a civilization for the rest of humanity–which the rest now figuratively take a crap on, daily, and billions of insolent f’ers thank "God" for what was the providence and product of man’s mind.

And that could be just fine, but thanks to ideas like democracy, it’s the dumb and the infirm that have the real influence, now, because it f’ing multiplies and self-perpetuates the dumb and infirm. Sure, I don’t suppose they really know any better, but they should. They could, and the justice involved in the thing means they ultimately die, and take everyone else with them. It could have been different.

Imagine a civilization where men worship their true benefactors: the inventors, the scientists, the true artists, the industrialists, the financiers. Instead, they worship a mystical, non-existent God, sports stars and popular actors—actors, for f’s sake. Imagine holding the products of man’s mind and those who created them in true and pure reverence. Imagine that, John.

Do you understand any of that, John? It’s others doing the heavy lifting, with life-saving and life-enhancing things like: paychecks, places to live, food, clothing, modern medicine, transportation; all that mundane, non-literary and terribly unprofound stuff–the stuff that’s really keeping humanity out of the dung heap, for the moment.

Alright, done. You can get back to the comics, now.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Billy Beck on May 19, 2006 at 05:24

    "It could have been different."

    This is crucial, John. You may recall how, now & then, I've pointed out to you that you have a metaphysical problem. You often couch your complaints in terms of "the world". Well, the world just is what it is, except for what people make of it. This is the thing to fight against, John: the work of people who don't know what they're doing (or do, which is the worst evil) while they're fucking it up.

    Your problem isn't with "the world," John. It's with the rotten bastidges who think they get to stand authoritatively between the world and you.

  2. KushLiberty on May 18, 2006 at 19:29

    Excellent post, I absolutely love your writings.

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