“Illegal Recreation”

In spite of thinking that the immigration debate is one of the most profound issues we’ve seen in a while (I’ll have more to say), I just had to burst out laughing when I saw this from John T. Kennedy.

This isn’t about recreation folks: It’s about illegal recreation!

Well, IT’S THE LAW, you know. So let me hear no complaints concerning the threat of going to jail for 10 years and being tagged a felon for life because you (or perhaps a child or houseguest) played poker online from your computer in Washington state. You guys and gals traveling there on vacation or business had better find out whether it covers only state residents as defined by state law, or whether it covers anyone within the geographical jurisdiction of the state, including airspace and Washington’s numerous waterways and inlets.

Just another day in this here "Land of the Free."

Richard Nikoley

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