Hey, if it’s good enough for GW…

...Uh, George Will, that is. About those polls critical of the president's "handling" of gas prices, who over the age of 7 really thinks presidents can "handle" world petroleum prices? You know, it's not like I'm unaware that most of my posts on this blog ooze an arrogance that goes so far as to imply that most people--including most who read this blog--are to be considered utter and complete ignoramuses and morons when it comes…Read More

Integrated History

Billy Beck strikes a nerve with something. The underlying elements of this is something I was just pondering the other day. In fact, a lot of this goes a long way to answering my question below. In a time when people are not learning to think, episodes like The Great Island Paradise of Gas Experiment are the routine order of the day. There are no principles to refer to, and what good would they be,…Read More

On Natual Rights

Well, I disagree with the basic premise of this article, which says that "property" is a natural law. Show me a neanderthal with a deed to a cave, and then we can disect the rest of this article. KellyE That was a comment on this post, left over at BlogExplosion. I replied, "Well, KellyE, I'm sure a Neanderthal would be happy to show you the "deed" to his cave. It'd probably take the form of…Read More

“Illegal Recreation”

In spite of thinking that the immigration debate is one of the most profound issues we've seen in a while (I'll have more to say), I just had to burst out laughing when I saw this from John T. Kennedy. This isn’t about recreation folks: It’s about illegal recreation! Well, IT'S THE LAW, you know. So let me hear no complaints concerning the threat of going to jail for 10 years and being tagged a…Read More

In the Company of Fools

By this measure alone (the responses from obvious "conservatives," not the interview transcript), America as a political experiment is lost. Dead. It really started out going that way not too long after the ink had dried on the Declaration of Independence. We've come full circle. We're Europe, again, and there's essentially nothing much that differentiates us anymore. The only thing left for unequivocally enlightened individualists to hang their hats on is the ideals of the…Read More

Deny Women the Vote!

Now, before you get your panties all in a bunch, keep reading. It may not be entirely what you think. John T. Kennedy found something. Just because I like it so damn much, I'm posting the whole thing here. It's not very long. Indulge yourself in some classical liberalism for five minutes. Against Woman Suffrage by Lysander Spooner New Age, February 24, 1877 Women are human beings, and consequently have all the natural rights that…Read More

Suffering Fools

I'm woefully behind in my reading so I don't know what's being said on other bogs about this Moussaoui deal. Nor am I terribly informed about the case. I find a lot of things troubling. The guy was in jail on September 11, yet he has been prosecuted--with everything the feds could throw at it--in an effort to invoke capital punishment for, near as I can determine: the crime of not telling the state about…Read More

262 Million Dead

As much as I cherish the Americans all over the world who'd love to come here, and those who've already risked life & limb to get here, May Day simply is not the proper forum in which to commemorate this struggle. As I alerted you way back on May 1, 2004, May Day ought to be about commemorating the millions dead at the hands of totalitarian regimes operating under the dishonest, manipulative, fallacious banner of…Read More