The Best Analogy Ever

"...both major political parties must be led by men of common purpose and follow a common political philosophy, but they must put on a great show of competition in order to convince the masses that there is a genuine conflict between them – a phony wrestling match in which the contestants take turns appearing to pulverize each other to excite the spectators. That way, voters can jump from one party to another to “throw the…Read More

The ONLY One Who Gets It

See this post, and then the very first comment. Then read all the other comments. Typical republican-libertarian, political-ignoramuses who have a complete inability to reduce constituent bits to their essential de-finite characteristics -- save Bruce McQuain, the author, who ought (and does) know better. Beck's commentary. Note: I'm one of his one-in-a-thousand -- that's probably more like one-in-a-hundred-thousand.Read More

Side Note

I'm increasingly spending time thinking about and roughing out rough plans (Did I emphasize rough, enough?) for our Europe trip, now at week -1 day. I've detailed road-maps of France, Spain, and Italy (thanks to Borders), since this is a touring trip, and I've highlighted the generally proposed rough route upon them so that my wife can see whereabouts we might be going and check the various resources in print and on the Web in…Read More

Concerning the Recent Hoopla

As much as I support the imperative to peremptorily, mercilessly, quickly and brutally kill any all all lunatics who seriously and credibly vow to kill others, should they get the chance (i.e., terrorists and their direct material supporters), I don't necessarily support "The War" in the sense most people apprehend that concept (and this imposition of "democracy" is unnecessary: killing terrorists and would-be terrorists is necessary). And I certainly don't support this "administration" in any…Read More

June Report Card

Profits of $29,645; a 27% return on cash. As I reported last month, I felt these monthly report cards might be coming to an end, as I thought they had served my purposes. They have, and this will probably be it -- at least for a while. In summary, I've gathered a lot of cash, but because of the market's significant drop last month, I'm still tied up protecting some troubled positions, which, at this…Read More

A Classic Case of Insanity

Mark Davis at Strike The Root: "Understanding the seemingly subtle difference between gentle (non-violent) persuasion and zealous (violent) persuasion is a significant factor influencing one’s sanity; both inwardly and outwardly. The theatrical shows that elections really do point to the true birthplace of “reality TV”. That so little difference can be seen between supposed archenemies is evidence of collective insanity institutionalized. People keep going back into the voting booth election after election thinking that this…Read More

Jeezus: Geraldo

Right this minute. Fox News. O'Reilly. Jerry Rivers is laying it on. Good for him. I'm with Billy Beck: a sucker for redemption. This is nothing new, of course, but if I didn't know better, I could easily mistake Rivera for an American Marine G.I. He's giving in-your-face, what-the-hell-do-you-know arguemnts, and he's 100% spot on. I know this has been going on for a while now, but I'm still amazed at the transformation every time…Read More


The argument for collectivism is simple if false; it is an immediate emotional argument. The argument for individualism is subtle and sophisticated; it is an indirect rational argument. Milton Friedman Via Samizdata. Good one. That's how I've always approached this core antagonism. Arguing for collectivism is the easiest thing in the world. It makes friends. Puppies love you. You get laid a lot more -- probably leading to the apparent contradiction that "individualists" are more…Read More

Global Warming

I can remember that just five years ago, the summers at my house used to be relatively cool and very wet. Our summer temperatures never got much above 80 degrees, and it would rain every few days, at least. The last couple of summers, temperatures have soared as high as 112 degrees at my house, and we have at times gone whole months without rain. I am terrified at these effects of global warming. Several…Read More

Darren Mack

This post shall be a tough one. Those who follow the news ought to recognize the name in the title. Darren is my cousin. I was born on a January 29th, and he, the 31st -- of the same year, 1961. Our mothers -- 1st cousins and very close companions and friends in those years -- were in the very same hospital at the very same time. Our parents took outings and trips together in…Read More

Microsoft Lied, People Died

Alright, the title is tongue-in-cheek, but I just don't know what to think when I read stuff like this. It's been how many years now that Microsoft has been bashed in the head repeatedly, non-stop, by virtually everyone with a voice? And make no mistake in the world that the bashing is but for one purpose, which is: the implication that its success and wealth is unearned, undeserved. Now here's the cool thing about freedom,…Read More


It strikes me that two things were fundamental to the founding ideals of America. First was the idea that freedom was not to be applied for -- not to the apparatchiks running the place your were leaving from -- and certainly not to the apparatchiks fucking up the relatively freer place you were going to. The second, hand-in-hand, was that to the extent law existed, its sole purpose was to protect freedom, above all else,…Read More

Listen Up

Alright, the other day I popped off a piece referencing Perry de Havilland's take on this idiotic post over at The Daily Kos. Now it turns out that Drizzten has done more of a point-by-point on the idea of "libertarian democrats." I'm half tempted to throw the whole thing up here, out of a sense of mercy to those who value their eyes (go and see what I mean), but I'll just hit this, here:…Read More

Mission Imperative

A comment [with some edits] I just wrote and threw up at this post talking about the causes and cures of terrorism: "Certainly rational renaissance and its effect, wealth, will tend to diminish terrorist acts over time. But it's really the belief system that's key, the root cause. "Still, it's no excuse. I understand that most of them were just born into this sorry state. They were taught to be dirt-scratching primitives and so that's…Read More

Consent of the Governed

You do realize, don't you, that slaves very nearly always outweigh their masters in number and thereby effectively give their consent to be enslaved? Same goes for the "governed." "I think this shows that the police are fast reaching the limits of the 'consent' by which they claim they serve." A comment to a blog entry. He's talking about this 5-page collection of evidence of civil disobedience in the UK. (via Perry de Havilland)Read More

Stealing What You Don’t Even Have Yet

Clearly, the U.S. Federal, State and local governments are fully confident in their ability to steal from you far, far into the future -- and from your children and grandchildren too. They say you're in debt to the tune of a cool half-mil, but that would imply that you took on the debt yourself, voluntarily, for your own reasons whatever they may be. Of course, if you vote, then it's hard to imagine you have…Read More


Perry de Havilland throws up a good one on just why there can be no such thing as a "Libertarian Democrat." And there you have one of the classical errors of the left: the idea that corporations have great power to coerce in and of themselves. Now it is true that corporations often behave disgracefully (no one has ever accused Samizdata of being soft of corporate wickedness or being reflexively well disposed towards Big Biz)…Read More