A Classic Case of Insanity

Mark Davis at Strike The Root:

"Understanding the seemingly subtle difference between gentle (non-violent) persuasion and zealous (violent) persuasion is a significant factor influencing one’s sanity; both inwardly and outwardly.  The theatrical shows that elections really do point to the true birthplace of “reality TV”.  That so little difference can be seen between supposed archenemies is evidence of collective insanity institutionalized.  People keep going back into the voting booth election after election thinking that this time their vote will make a difference, yet it never does.  This is a classic case of insanity.

"Emotional disagreements between voters guided by their handlers ensue from the most trivial of perceived differences.  Honor is staked on the acceptance of following orders and duty morphs into blind obedience to political leaders.  News shows have become thinly veiled propaganda organs supporting state policies formulated by those who handle the handlers.

"There are three basic ways to persuade: personal example, rhetoric and force.  Voting sanctions force.  This simple fact must be trumpeted.  Stop voting and become an example while offering peaceful discussion on the matter for those who choose to listen.  Forget the masses and go personal.  It is true that there is no silver bullet to take down the beast with one shot, but small actions can lead to expanding awareness and larger triumphs that may not be visible today.

"Forming a monopoly on the use of force (the ability of specified individuals to legally incarcerate, kill and steal) does not eliminate the “animal spirits” in people.  It just harnesses them and focuses them in the directions chosen by the elite.  The elite use the state to institutionalize barbarism by dressing it up as the savior of civilization.  This is how individuals who control the state are able to get good people to do bad things.   

"Instead of seeking balance and harmony among self-interested individuals, as people who want peace do, the state and it minions seek conflict between individuals and their interests because the state can’t survive peace.  The survival of the state requires either war or the continuous threat of war.  This includes wars against their own citizens such as the Wars on Drugs, Poverty, Terror, Child Abuse, and on and on.  Peace is thus the enemy of the state and the state will not allow long periods of peace because the people would begin to see the little madmen behind the curtains pulling the levers.  Elections are just regularly scheduled battles in the divide and conquer strategy that keeps the elite in power and the masses busy.

"Choosing to join in the ritual of voting is personally sanctioning a monopoly on the use of force.  It is accepting that stealing and murder can be justified by the façade of legality resting on a foundation of choosing thieves and murderers with supposed good intentions through an election.  We thus abdicate personal responsibility for supporting, protecting and educating ourselves by electing people who promise to assume those responsibilities for us.  In doing so, however, we sanction the power of the chosen/elected representatives to steal, threaten and kill in our names.  We all have the power to choose a more righteous path, one that uses the power of peaceful cooperation and respect for the individual.  To vote or not to vote is a personal decision of much more importance than who to vote for. 

"Rulers once used the clergy to place crowns on their heads in elaborate ceremonies designed to give the impression that God had ordained their divine right to rule.  Today the popular election with its media circuses, “debates” and political parties serve this role to give the impression that The People have ordained their divine right to rule.  Individuals who pretend to draw their authority from God or The People based on convoluted rituals are nothing but power hungry con-men.  Shun them and take back your sovereignty.

"People who understand that the state institutionalizes barbarism see the imbalances it permeates with interventions throughout society.  The state claims control over our economies, laws, property, homes, families and even lives.  But the state is able to control your mind only when you let it make choices for you.  That so many people find themselves in a perpetual state of adolescence, if not infancy, in modern society is because they were weaned on the state pledging allegiance daily to its symbols and soaking up the words of state high priests as gospel.  People effectively raised by the state who tells us that “we will now take care of you and you need not ever grow up.  All you have to do is vote and we will declare you to be grown up.” 

"So when you see the herds lining up at the voting booths to be coddled, cajoled and weaned by shysters and hucksters, do not despair, for they have chosen their lot in life.  And they may yet, one day, make a choice to no longer support state madness when something clicks in their minds.  Maybe it will be the folly of war, the misery of being managed and regulated or the depravity of taxes.  Forgive and educate is the way of peace.

Excellent. I coulnd’t resist quoting so much of it and had to beat myself into submission to not quote even more. So, more where that came from. Via Bill St. Clair.

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