In reviewing material for the latest version of my "Radley Roundup," I came across this recent article he wrote for Fox News that’s off-topic for my roundup, but really does a good job in illustrating that the babysitting we get from both the left and the right are just two sides of the same coin.

Really good comprehensive overview. Go have a look.

Update: Oh, got to add this. Radley gets a response to the column.

Though many people would applaud the statistics you justify your
position with, the overall problem is Godless behavior. Eventually the
Nanny State will become the Pharaoh State that will imprison us all. We
will cry out for relief and there will be no Messiah. Eventually all of
that will come to an end as we each bend our knee and confess Jesus
Christ as Lord. This is going to happen. You can read about it in
Phillipians 2:1 – 12 and Acts 2:1-47. These are only a couple of the
places where you can see the future.

As long as we kill unborn children (bringing down the number of
unwed mothers figure) and, in the name of the Liberty you speak of,
allow filth to be a choice in our lives (bringing up the divorce rate
numbers) we turn our back on the God who calls us to Him. This can be
seen in the headline story of the death of an Everest climber who lay
dying 1000 feet from the summit while those who wanted to be at the
summit continued on tipping their hat as they passed. One person
stopped and tried to help but was unsuccessful. This is abortion just
like infant abortion. This is the desensitizing of people. This is the
greed and inhumanness of our lost souls. This is what happens when we
turn from God and, in the name of liberty, give everybody what they
sink to for enjoyment.

I cannot say that we can force anyone to turn to God and I cannot
say that a STATE or COUNTRY should take it upon themselves to dictate
religious belief but it is time that we, you and I and the media and
all who write and report information in this society, started telling
society where there REAL happiness lies. It isn’t in porn, it isn’t in
drugs, it isn’t in licentious behavior cast as sexual freedom. It isn’t
in teaching tolerance of ungodly behavior and it isn’t convenient
lifestyle decisions. It is in surrender to our Lord and living a life
according to that surrender. Promote this instead of the false comfort
of your numbers which further derails people by the implication that
"All is Well".

Figures never lie and liars always figure.

Yea, I grew up around this sort of mind-numbing gibberish and gobbledygook passed off as important and relevant to my life. Perhaps that helps you to understand my utter and complete contempt for most things religious. To be clear, I don’t begrudge the guy or gal these values at all. I wouldn’t in a million years suggest he live any differently, nor would I cowardly enter a voting booth in order to secretly appoint others to do it for me.

But I imagine this person is certainly such a coward, as are all voters. You want to force your values on me? Then come do it to my face, assholes.

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