“Does the Name ‘Ayn Rand’ Ring a Bell?”

George Reisman poses the question to Joseph Nocera of The New York Times:

Does the name “Ayn Rand” ring a bell? You know, the author of Atlas Shrugged,
the novel that describes the collapse of our entire civilization on the
basis of its hostility to business and businessmen? It’s only sold
several million copies and has reportedly had a more profound influence
on more people in the United States than any other book ever written,
with the exception of the Bible.

Mr. Nocera is simply ignorant of these facts. If so, that should be
considered astounding, given his position as a professional business
writer who is presumably familiar with a wider intellectual world than
exists within the confines of his newspaper and the universities which
have shaped the minds of its personnel.

perhaps he is aware of these facts but simply chooses to ignore them.
If this is the case, it would be a classic illustration of the
mentality of those once aptly described as “an effete corps of impudent
snobs.” That is, a collection of ignoramuses feigning knowledge while
going back and forth between ignoring and ridiculing those, such as Ayn
Rand and Ludwig von Mises, who actually possess it.


Update: Reisman replies:

The importance of business is manifested in the difference
between the standard of living in the United States and that of the
Third World and the pre-industrial era. Where do you think the advances
of the last two centuries or more have come from if not from the
continuous innovation and the saving and investment of businessmen?
This is an essential part of the message of Atlas Shrugged. It is a lesson that you and your colleagues at The New York Times, and most of the rest of the contemporary intellectual establishment, have not learned and refuse to consider.


Richard Nikoley

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