In reviewing material for the latest version of my "Radley Roundup," I came across this recent article he wrote for Fox News that's off-topic for my roundup, but really does a good job in illustrating that the babysitting we get from both the left and the right are just two sides of the same coin. Really good comprehensive overview. Go have a look. Update: Oh, got to add this. Radley gets a response to the…Read More

The Land of the Free

Did you know that it is a crime to tell a lie to the federal government? Even if your lie is oral and not under oath? Even if you have received no warnings of any kind? Even if you are not trying to cheat the government out of money? Even if the government is not actually misled by your falsehood? Well it is. [...] To begin with, you are not qualified to know whether you…Read More

Freedom for “Safety”

...I do not see that one can blame the majority of [blank] who, in [blank], believed that the [blank] was the work of [blank]. What one can blame them for, and what shows their terrible collective weakness of character clearly for the first time during the [blank], is that this settled the matter. With sheepish submissiveness the [blank] people accepted that, as a result of the [blank], each one of them lost what little personal…Read More

Hey, didja hear the news?

Your life is Kim du Toit's to dominate; your values are his to dispose of. Yep. Betcha didn't know that. Says so right here. ...Well, OK, he does say "we." Yep, you're rightaboutthat. ...So I suppose it means that if you agree with Kim, you get to be in on the rape & pillage of liberal spoils. Lucky you. Good thing you agree with Kim, eh? Oh, you don't? Ahh, well ... gee ... there's…Read More

Notes From 10-Year-Olds

I've got a number of pressing matters right now, but they'll have to wait a few more minutes. As I blogged a few weeks back, I was a teacher for a week. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Don't tell the Junior Achievement folks, but I followed the curriculum only peripherally. There are a million places where these kids can learn the mechanics of business. At their young ages, fundamental principles are key.…Read More

“Does the Name ‘Ayn Rand’ Ring a Bell?”

George Reisman poses the question to Joseph Nocera of The New York Times: Does the name “Ayn Rand” ring a bell? You know, the author of Atlas Shrugged, the novel that describes the collapse of our entire civilization on the basis of its hostility to business and businessmen? It’s only sold several million copies and has reportedly had a more profound influence on more people in the United States than any other book ever written,…Read More

Altruist “Ethics”

If there's anything in the world that shines a better light on the utter and contemptible evil of altruism and those who preach it than the whole organ transplant industry, I surely don't know about it. Here's one place where -- at least -- you'll get the doctrine right up in your face. This is a place where what you might have done with your life -- what sorts of values you might have created…Read More


In one (a nutshell, that is): [it] " nothing but the name for a social order of untrammeled private property rights, i.e., of the absolute right of self-ownership and the absolute right to homestead unowned resources, or employing them for whatever purpose one sees fit so long as this does not affect the physical integrity of others' likewise appropriated resources, and of entering into any contractual agreement with other property owners that is deemed mutually…Read More


We were out of town last evening, deciding to stay over after attending an wedding anniversary party over in the Valley. Two messages on the answering machine when we got home. "Saturday, 2:30 p.m.... " Hi, this is Sally Field and I hope you'll join me and California teachers..." Fuck Off! "Sunday, 10:43 a.m.... " Hello, this is Al Gore..." Fuck Off! "End of messages."Read More

“Don’t Be Fooled?”

Uh, Rather: don't be a moron. At any rate, word. It's a rare politician who sees government and politicians for the thugs, criminals and thieves that they (all) are: The Real Price Gougers 4/28/2006 Assemblyman Ray Haynes Do you want to reduce the price of gasoline by almost 60 cents a gallon immediately? Get the real price gougers. They take nearly 60 cents of every $3.00 gallon of gas. They should pay the windfall profits…Read More

“America: from Freedom to Fascism”

There exists, by my count, about one million definitions for the overused and misunderstood multi-purpose-pejorative-at-large: fascism. This section from Wikipedia gets closest to what I judge to be its essential defining characteristic: Fascism is also typified by totalitarian attempts to impose[s] state control over all aspects of life: political, social, cultural, and economic. The fascist state regulates and controls (as opposed to nationalizing) the means of production. (strikeouts & brackets, mine) See here as well…Read More

I Don’t Get It

I'd meant to hit on this early in the week, but here it is now: I don't get the whole American Civil War reenactment, enthusiast, nostalgia thing. I don't get it at all. 600,000 people died in that war, killed by their own countrymen--a figure that represented three percent of the American population at the time. That would be the equivalent of a conflict that took 9 million lives today. As I blogged earlier, I…Read More