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I figured it would be better to organize my several hundred photos of the Europe trip first, and then I could refer and link to them as I write more about the trip. I’ve had a Club Photo account for years, but I hate it (too slow, especially since I pay for it) and haven’t bothered to look into alternatives.

Organizing the myriad photos on three or four computers into one cohesive whole is always something I’m going to get to…

Somebody — my brother, perhaps — told me about Google’s Picasa, but when I first looked, it appeared that publishing was via a Blogger blog, which, since I clearly already have a blog (and I’m very happy with TypePad), that didn’t interest me a lot. TypePad has photo-album capability, but I’m not too excited about making the blog that personal, right front-&-center, and photo albums will quickly gobble up my disk-space allotment. But now, Google offers an alternative called Picasa Web Albums, and it all looks very cool. I downloaded Picasa and it immediately went to work finding and organizing every image on both hard drives. Organizing is really simple, and when I get to it, I’m sure publishing will be too. Depending on image size, of course, the first 350 megs (about 1,000 photos of 350 kb) are free and for something like $25 per year you can get several gigs of space.

Best of all, if it’s anything like Google’s other services, it don’t run slow.

Give ‘er a shot, if you’re so inclined.

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  1. Greg Swann on July 29, 2006 at 08:12

    Get a bulk reprocessor like Irfanview for Windows to reduce those images down to 640 x 480 jpegs. More than that is waste on the back end. If someone wants a hi-rez copy, they can ask you for it.

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