What You’re Really Voting For

Well, to no one's surprise at all, things are heating up, and the frenzy is only going to escalate right up and all the way to that most glorious of days. That's the day when, at long last, you finally get to reconcile all of your worries and all of your fears; all of your hopes and all of your dreams into certain and clear solutions; the day when you step forward, and in that…Read More

Ok, I’ll Take a Stab

A question: "Why should we continue to put pressure on politicians to do something that would come as second nature to any decent person? What does it say about our leaders if we have to beg them to oppose torture?" Uh, because politicians aren't decent people? (Brad)Read More

“Kip Hawley is an Idiot”

Seems like a plan to me, although you ought to understand the risk you may be taking. Harbor no illusions -- especially if you're a male -- and even moreso if you're Black or Hispanic. Remember, you're dealing with the sorts of people who seek out employment where they get to bark orders and push regular people around while carrying a gun. I dunno; perhaps it gives them bulges in their pants, or moisture in…Read More

Fuck the Republicans

Every one of them. Don't be an idiot. These fuckers want control over every aspect of your life. They are every bit as bad as the democrats, who wish every person dependent upon them for their very lives, cradle to grave. I hate them all. I hate them with boundless passion. If you support any of them, in any way, just fucking stay clear of me. I mean it.Read More

“Surprising” >not<

I cease never to be amazed at the tone and scope of things like this. The whole underlying implication is that this sort of thing is surprising, shocking, rare, isolated, unexpected. It's nothing of the sort, and if you think it is, it's only because you believe The Big Lie. The Big Lie, of course, is that people who hold political office possess some degree of nobility, virtue, moral authority. No, they are people who…Read More

That Sucking Sound? Plibbles

Easily my best laugh of the day, so far. Update: On a serious note, regarding the article cited, it makes me jump for joy. I just love justice. If this kind of moronic "regulation" (Sarbanes-Oxley) were to make America a second-rate international financial center, it would only be right and fitting; even moreso: it was rushed in during a republican, "pro-business" administration. It is to laugh, a second time. If the Republicans get what they…Read More


Well, Kim, I can't argue with you, here. It's a fine list, both yours and the late Colonel's. Fine lists. I might add a thing or two and take a thing or two off, but the underlying theme is very clear. If you stop and think about it, there's one hellava lot more chance of changing the world for the better with this sort of thing than with political activism of any sort.Read More


Charles Hueter has a piece up where he questions his own thinking in regard to the U.S. actions taken in response to 9/11. Part of his piece is a substantial list of articles written in the wake of 9/11 that warned against taking the international action that the U.S. eventually did take. I sit now in sober understanding that their warnings, accusations, and predictions deserved the serious attention they were denied by those who would…Read More

Republican Masturbatory Bullshit

Kim du Toit, reviewing ABC's Path to 9/11: - copy and paste into a new tab or window due to his sissy referrer block from this site and others) The difference here is about power. Conservatives attain power, and then are reluctant to use it because they inherently don’t trust it. Liberals attain power—it’s what they live for—but shrink from using it. Liberals are comfortable using what I call anonymous power: adding rules and regulations,…Read More

The Culture

I don't have any idea who these people are, or what teams they're actually playing for. It makes no difference. I post it simply to illustrate the slow death of western culture at its very root. It speaks for itself.Read More

Side Note

What the hell is it with the resurgence of these Nigerian email scams lately? Anyone else suddenly begin seeing a lot of them in their junk email folder? I can't believe it'd still be worth it. Is anyone still falling for these obvious and silly scams? Jesus, these things were around even before email. I used to get them in snail mail to my business address. I guess new crops of ignoramuses must be falling…Read More


But it's not about race. A bit of sarcasm from Warren Meyer at Coyote Blog, who, as usual, gets to the bottom of the anti-[Mexican]-immigration debate. Update: Neal has more good stuff on walls.Read More

Any Way You Can Get ‘Em

Radley Balko, who you really can't say enough good about for his work in the Cory Maye case, is in Mississippi attending Maye's hearing to get his sentence overturned, or, failing that, a new trial. He has a report. Go take a look at the state's "credible witness." What a piece of work. The whole Cory Maye story, here.Read More