Note to Radley

Hey, Radley.

Look, man, I know your heart is in the right place. But see what happens when you grant respect to a tool of the state? See what sort of mileage you get from a "libertarian / conservative perspective?"

You see, Radly, he’s an LA Assistant District Attorney. He has a libertarian/conservative perspective, which apparently doesn’t preclude being an instrument in locking up thousands of "darkies" on drug charges. It apparently engenders "concern" over wrongful convictions in crimes where investigators have falsified evidence and withheld exculpatory evidence, but that’s about it. Let the "legal system" sort it all out, ‘in the long run,’ and in the meantime, he and they can all be high-fivin’ each other in the corner bar after work when they all get another "conviction" in thier employment files.

Patterico can go straight to hell.

Then again, as Beck often points out: nuthin’ to worry about. There’s an election right around the corner and everything’s gonny be just fine, because, y’know, we can vote!!!

Richard Nikoley

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