Overbought, Yet?

The title refers to a condition that you may have seen in the DOW, S&P, and other indexes last week, if you follow. It began a couple of weeks ago, actually. The markets were moving up, up, up...relentlessly -- every day -- with very little in the way of consolidation, profit-taking, or retracement. When that happens, the market reaches a condition we refer to as overbought and you can pretty much know with certainty that you're going to get some stiff down days very soon. Happened on Wed and Thursday. No surprise at all. I wonder if we're approaching overbought on this whole "airline security" thing, yet. It's really up to you, you know. I mean, those TSA goons'll be gladly ramming their latex-gloved fingers straight up your ass as a routine and widespread screening measure the moment they're told it will be their duty to do so. At what point will you demand an end to it? If you didn't catch it, yet, this was my experience heading out the other day. Billy Beck? He narrowly escaped being blown up by a "toddlerable's" apple juice on his flight this morning. But, you know, they disposed of the highly volatile...

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