Core Essence

Alright, the following comment to this post is going to a separate entry (with a few small edits). The commenter I'm replying to is one of Kim du Toit's readers, and I'll give him credit for wading in here. "The government exists at the consent of the governed." Pure fantasy. Someone told you that bromide, or you read it once, and swallowed it without even thinking about it. I do not consent to it. In…Read More


In For the New Intellectual, Rand warns against "death-worshiping mystics" who control and humiliate through the use of guilt and fear, preaching that a man's pursuit of happiness here on earth is evidence of depravity and selfishness, that his independent mind is a source of arrogance, his body a source of evil, that his liberty, self-esteem and individuality are desecrations of the commandments for obedience, humility, suffering, renunciation and self-sacrifice. "There is no way to…Read More


At risk of delving into libertarian cliches, even if you buy the dubious notion that protecting us from "addictive behavior" is a legitimate function of government, even the most well-intentioned of paternalistic legislation is, ultimately, enforced at the point of a gun. The people who break these laws are arrested. The people who resist arrest risk getting shot. The end result of legislation like Frist's is, absurdly, that government will eventually use violence against American…Read More

Bedside Manners

I guess it was last Friday. I was headed to the mall to birthday shop for the wife, and Dean Edell was on the radio. His show is easily one of my consistent favorites for his propensity to cut through superstition and BS. He's a critical thinker and I can't help but think that his methods of scientific inquiry and intellectual honesty have rubbed off on a lot of people over the years. In this…Read More

Ironic, Yes; But That’s Not All

In my first installment of taking a look at Kim du Toit's posts since our recent conflagration (here, too), I was first struck by the irony of Kim criticizing the censorship of speech by private entities (like, in a blog?). But he's right, so I'll have to wait for something else that signals a contradiction with principles he claims to uphold. (copy and paste the link) Here’s what I see arising from all this. Already,…Read More

Good News; Only 30 Years Late

I hate to keep harping on it, but the next time you begin to have delusions that the upcoming election is going to make a real difference, for the first time in history, stop and consider that it only took about 100 million deaths from malaria over the past 30 years for the World Health Organization to finally change its tune on DDT, a mosquito eradication pesticide never shown to be harmful to humans. I…Read More

The Comments That Got Me Banned from Kim du Toit’s

You can read them at the following two links, in full context. I put them up here simply for archival purposes and continuity. Remember, as with all links to Kim du Toit's blog, The Other Side of Kim (, you must copy and paste as referrals from Uncommon Sense are being blocked. So, here are my more substantive comments. The first is in response to one other of Kim's readers who is essentially justifying his…Read More


Questions have been raised as to the point of this project, the "Kim du Toit" project. Here's why I think it's worth a shot, in pictures.Read More

Kim du Toit

Alright. I understand that this may not be of general interest, but you can read all about what I'm talking about at the following links, which, you must copy and then paste into your browser to access. Kim has seen fit to prevent his server from serving up pages where the referrer is this site or a couple of others. Now, he's welcome to block too, I suppose, but then he blocks anyone and…Read More

A Look Back

Via CK in email, some creative Caltech student put together a photo series to Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire. It's a must. Quite entertaining. Oh, by the way, Firefox rendered a little tiny window. It played better in IE. Enjoy.Read More


Amen, Lynette. I believe that's the single best 9/11 anniversary post I've read. Right to the heart of the matter. Government seeks to disarm me, confiscates my property, and invades my privacy. The Terrorists represent less a threat to me than the DEA, ATF, or FBI. That was so five years ago and it’s doubly so now. Word.Read More

Principles Always Win

Say what? Have I lost my mind? No, and I'll show you. Radley Balko links to a video clip of a recent O'Reilly episode concerning the prosecution of Mantra Films, Inc. and founder Joseph Francis, producers of the Girls Gone Wild video series, which is essentially a soft-core, voyeur series that films "girls going wild" (basically: getting blasted and showing their nubile tits and other accouterments to the cameras during Spring Break and other such…Read More

Why, Kim?

[Note: As they say, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Kim's wife, Connie du Toit (Tech Support) apparently doesn't want readers from this site to link over there (long story; see comments below), so she's blocking referrals. So, in order to get there ... huh? yes, if Kim ever gets too far out of hand, he probably will find all of his clothes in the street ... you'll have to do a copy/paste…Read More

Let’s Rally!

Oh, man, unless you follow the markets every day as I do, you probably just cannot begin to imagine the utter fraud represented by Wall Street brokerages, across the board, and their talking-head cohorts on CNBC and such. As a member of the intelligentsia (the Bears), I laugh every day. Of course, that's not how I trade. As a trader, you are best served by always being agnostic as to market direction, as money can…Read More

“Are We Safer?”

Well, I don't know. I don't think anyone does for sure -- which ought to be a striking realization after the billions and billions spent, eh? After the millions of hours and millions of inconveniences suffered at the hands of our airline security "protectors," eh? After the war-deaths of 3,000 or so really, really good people and thousands of serious injuries suffered by the same sorts of good people who happen to be soldiers. If…Read More

A Reading

I had occasion just now to post a comment, here. It quotes something I read a week or so ago, had intended to blog, but didn't get around to it. So here it is. And I'll leave you with the money quote: But to be comfortable as anarchist, you need to identify there is no fixed point and there are no guarantees. Every argument you make is pro-choice and pro-freedom, it is not pro-system. You…Read More