Radley Roundup

1. The law's the law in New York. And just wait until Eliot Spitzer gets his hands on you. Sad state of affairs when an ounce of week gets your home invaded, your door broken down, and your dog slaughtered. 2. Of course, there's never been such a thing as a separation between church and state, anymore than there's a separation between mind and body. It's just another false dichotomy. More accurately, the church and state are soulmates and bedfellows. A recently enacted law allows county prosecutors, the state attorney general, or, as a last resort, alleged victims to ask judges to civilly declare someone to be a sex offender even when there has been no criminal verdict or successful lawsuit. ...the Catholic Church pursuaded Ohio lawmakers to put off allowing the Church to be held liable for sex offenses by priests. In exchange, the state will set up a system where by people never convicted of a crime -- Catholic priest or no -- can be tagged with a career-ending, unfathomably stigmatizing "sex offender" label without so much as a trial. 3. If this guy is who he says he is, the most remarkable bit about it is that...

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