What You’re Really Voting For

Well, to no one’s surprise at all, things are heating up, and the frenzy is only going to escalate right up and all the way to that most glorious of days. That’s the day when, at long last, you finally get to reconcile all of your worries and all of your fears; all of your hopes and all of your dreams into certain and clear solutions; the day when you step forward, and in that one act of exalted and sublime human mastery and achievement, you assert — you exercise — your God-given right — that sacred right — to have your 1 in 300 millionth say in your own affairs and the affairs of others.

And you shall not be denied; oh, no! This is important business, you see.

There is, of course, little to no rational basis for voting. There just isn’t. But go ahead, persist in your delusion. It would be nothing new. I mean, if Jesus is Coming Again, I suppose anything’s possible, and so 1 part per 300 million might really seem meaningful.

But regular readers know that the utter futility of voting is not my real objection to it. And after all, if voting truly is futile, then why would I really object to myself or anyone else participating in it?

Voting is a profoundly immoral act for most people at most times (with a single exception). Let’s be honest. When you go into that booth, you’re voting to proscribe certain things, right? You want and are attempting to have some value to accrue to you; you want some value of someone else — that you consider a vice — denied them; you want to utilize tax money “better,” and you say or think “utilize” because it doesn’t seem like what you really mean: “keep stealing, because I’ve got some ideas about what you can do with it, including doing things that I’d like, but don’t necessarily want to pay for.” Let’s keep being honest. You’re a thief. But voting makes it seem and feel to you like you’re not. It even masquerades as a Big Lie — a duty — in a way that it doesn’t even occur to you that you’re a thief, and that you’re a willing participant in mayhem, death, and destruction.

The question that arises is: why don’t you just seek out the values you want on your own, or in partnership with those who hold like values? Why can’t you let be those who have values you consider vice and steer yourself and your kids clear of them?

Isn’t the answer obvious? Politicians. They’re going to do all your dirty work for you, you see. Just leave it to them. Give them the power. Give them a “mandate,” and by God they’ll use it. Will a little mayhem, death, and destruction ensure their reelection? Sure it will, because you don’t want to get your hands dirty, and after all, you want someone who’s going to be tough on [insert your favorite hobgoblin]. Gotta have people who are tough-on.

Being honest, aren’t you disgusting, and shouldn’t you be ashamed of yourself?

Alas, voting is an immoral act unless every vote you cast is cast only and exclusively within the context and purpose of defending your life and property from agression by the state and others. Everything else is just a big costume party to conceal what it’s all about, which is theft. Pure and simple. And you need politicians to do it for you, and why? Because you need someone who’s willing to do what “needs to be done” when the “will of the people” is challenged by the audacity of a mere individual.

When you vote, what you’re really voting for is to steal a bit of someone else’s life and property, to be used for your benefit. When you vote, who you’re really voting for is people who will kill, if necessary, to ensure it.

Defiance can never be tolerated. That’s the way you want it, and that’s really what you vote for and sanction each time you step in that booth. Most fundamentally, you are voting for death to anyone who will not ultimately submit to your judgment of value.

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Elian Gonzalez

You have oh so far to go before you are an actual human being in the ideal sense.

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  1. Richard Nikoley on September 30, 2006 at 18:27


    Note that I wrote:

    "It even masquerades…"

  2. Ryan on September 30, 2006 at 18:19

    This is kind of confusing.

  3. jomama on October 1, 2006 at 08:39

    I wasn't confused and have no disagreement with any of it.

  4. L. Reichard White on October 3, 2006 at 23:08

    The average member of the "public" has little or no idea what they're doing when they vote. They've been brainwashed into believing it's significant — and it is, just not the way they've been taught to think it is – – –

    Voting is actually – – – well, see for yourself here.

    And once it becomes an established norm, then this is what happens.

    So, are you sure you want to join the traitors?

    Especially since your vote is irrelevant.

    Think of this as an alternative.

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