My Emails

I really don't know what to advise some people to do with me. Really; I get carried away. Here's my latest example; an email out to the whole list in response to friends in our town home complex inviting everyone over for an elections-results party. We're warned that it's a democrat household, but everyone is welcome, which I know for sure is the truth. 'S' and 'J' are special people and I'm happy to count…Read More

What I Love The Most

Well, John Sabotta likes to hammer away at me for my "hate," which is to some extent a valid criticism -- though I maintain that my hate is well placed, when properly understood. But it got me to wondering what I love the most in this here "democracy;" so here it is, by way of an experience last night that repeats itself in myriad ways, often. How many remember this little incident? I do, because…Read More


I just flipped on the TV to check out what goodies the DVR has waiting for me, and The Who is on INHD, playing the Isle of Wight, to which I'll add, offhand: that no one will ever surpass Jethro Tull's performance there in 1970 (also seen recently on INHD). At any rate, can someone please 'splain to me what's so special about this band? Beck? I've always thought their music, even at its best,…Read More

The True Face of Pure Evil

The survival of this country will not be determined by the degree to which the government, simply by inertia, imposes taxes, entitlements, controls, etc., although such impositions will be harmful (and all of them and worse will be embraced or pioneered by conservatives, as Bush has shown). What does determine the survival of this country is not political concretes, but fundamental philosophy. And in this area the only real threat to the country now, the…Read More

Well, Finally: The Real Issue

This has been too long in coming. Ah, Ms. Allen, but you let your son smoke a joint in your home. There was residue in your trash can. As far as the government is concerned, that makes you no better than a terrorist. And worthy of no better treatment than one. Also keep in mind, this is not a "botched" raid. The police did exactly what they intended. They got the right address. They found…Read More

A Reading II

Everyone knows about the 1929 crash on Wall Street. Few know of the 1907 crash. It was a crash brought on by a liquidity crisis. That is, there was no more margin, no more cash, and no more credit with which to buy stocks to keep a rally going and prices overinflated. J.P. Morgan stepped in and provided the liquidity. Here's the rest of the story. That day, October 24, 1907, was to be branded…Read More

Delicious Rage

Well, Radley Balko has up a Fox News column up about the Internet gambling ban by the Fucking Republicans. He's blogged some of the responses he's received to the column: 75 against and only 2 for it. Go read and relish in the delicious rage. Warms me heart all over. Incidentally, I was talking with someone in the know this last weekend who was invested in at least one of the UK companies whose stock…Read More

Give it a Rest, Already

I don't know about you, but I find fake, appeasing-the-base bigotry quite a bit more offensive than even the real thing. Me too. You know, I could dig deep and find respect even for a politician that's at least meticulously honest, regardless his views. Yes, you guessed it. I've gone and said something stupid; because there really is no such thing, anymore. There was a time, perhaps, but honesty has never been much in favor.…Read More

“Too Much Risk”

You could bet that they had their fashions just jammin', though. Beck (who else?). Yea. You know, it's the corollary. Policing has become a "profession" unto and as an end in itself, rather than something good men used to feel called to as a simple desire to keep a bit of the "general chaos" in check, help out here and there, and generally provide people with a decent sense of reasonable security. It may be…Read More

A Reading

Said Livermore to his son Paul: "I believe that the public wants to be led, to be instructed, to be told what to do. They want reassurance. They will always move en masse, a mob, a herd, a group, because people want the safety of human company. They are afraid to stand alone because they want to be safely included within the herd, not to be the lone calf standing on the desolate, dangerous, wolf-patrolled…Read More


Here's a 3-minute video of a bunch of people chortling. Now, I don't know how you use that word, but it somehow makes me think of the sort of laugh that predators do, when they reflect of having got something for nothing. Listen to the way someone laughs when they've come upon some new business opportunity to get rich quick. That's chortling. Here's the video. (Good thing Google bought YouTube, 'cause it's way better.) Anyway,…Read More

Oxymoron of the Year

Well, it seems that Wesley Snipes is going down, potentially for 16 years of jail time, for defending himself himself against having his money stolen from him. (Aside: don't even think about it. I'm talking to you, reading out there, who was just about to comment or was thinking that taxes aren't theft. They are, and it's a simple matter of getting your head out of your ass. What the government does is perfectly and…Read More

Bears Have More Fun

Here's why Bears have so much more fun. That's the action on the S&P over a 3-day, 2 1/2 hour period, up to about noon yesterday. Those are 30-minute candles. A white candle is up in the period, and a red candle is down. See that 3-day fight to climb that mountain. All wiped out in 2 1/2 hours yesterday morning. Gotta love it. Warms my heart. Nothing like huge red candles. Speaking of which,…Read More

Smart Money

Here's a chart of the S&P 500 over the last three years. Contrary to what CNBC would have you believe, it's the S&P that's the real gage of the market as a whole, not the Dow. Hell, even the NASDAQ is a far better gage than the Dow. (Click the chart for the large version.) Incidentally, at around 1365 currently, the S&P is still quite far from it's all-time intra-day high of 1552.87, reached on…Read More


No sooner did I post my last than I see this. Wall Street compensation averaged $289,664 per person, 5.1 times the average $56,634 for workers citywide, the comptroller said in a study released Tuesday. The highest-paid bankers and traders can command eight-figure pay packages. Bonuses totaled a record $21.5 billion, or $125,500 per person. The securities industry paid out $48.8 billion, while generating $2.1 billion of taxes for the city, Hevesi said. Wall Street compensation…Read More

Why 12,000?

Because it's TWELVE-THOUSAND!!! You know, most people who trade equities or options actively, eventually become Bears -- at least sentimentally. There's lots of reasons for that, but primarily, it's because markets, when they go down, go down faster and harder than they go up (They take the stairs up, and the elevator -- or window -- down.). Jesse Livermore, regarded by some to be the greatest stock trader of all time, shorted the market in…Read More


Though I saw the news item awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to "Bangladesh Bankers," I didn't bother to get to the story behind the story. Though I once spent a few hours in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on a layover between Paris and Bangkok, it just didn't spark that much interest. That's too bad, because it's a good story. And, nevermind, because John Venlet, a mortgage broker, has the goods. Warms my heart, all over, and makes…Read More