Just Doin’ My Part

As you may have heard, Bush The Thief just signed a law sent up by your House of Muggers and Molesters and your Parliament of Whores that effectively makes it illegal for you to choose to spend your money online in games of chance or skill if that's how you want to spend your money. To that end, here's a list of 55 online casinos for your enjoyment. I'll be keeping tabs and will be…Read More

America: Going to the Dogs

Just another day...you know...here in "the land of the free" & all. You don't like that occasional step into a pile of dog dodo? Neither do I. Real irritating, isn't it? In fact, it's so bad that I think we ought to throw people in jail who don't clean up after their dogs. How's that sound? No, wait. I'll tell you what: let's get tough on crime and throw people in jail for even failing…Read More

Stay Home

As Radley adequately demonstrates, the republicans are nothing if not completely full of shit. And Bill Bennett? Jesus. I loathed that fake, self-righteous fuck even while grudgingly supporting republicans over democrats. Stay home; but if you must, just take a chance and shake things up. Kick the republicans out on their asses. In terms of practical politics, it would only be what they deserve. On a related note -- since I'm talking about the disaster…Read More

Wish I Was There

You know what? I've given up trying to get tickets to some of the concerts that blow through. Tonight, fer instance, at the Shoreline Amphitheater, it's Roger Waters. He's only one of the two principle members of my favorite band of all time, Pink Floyd. Show starts in a bit more than an hour; but here I sit, effin' blogging and completely SOL. Eff. And KFOX is intent on making me feel bad by playing…Read More


Dutch immigrant Rogier van Bakel of Nobody's Business is having second thoughts. This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of my emigration from the Netherlands to the United States. I've been in no mood to celebrate. Truthfully, I'm not even certain I would still move if I had to make that choice today. That's sad, isn't it? Sadder still is that if I'm honest, I can only promise him it'll get worse. But wait! There's an…Read More

Kos, Part III

Here are parts I and II. Now comes two entries that are must reads on this topic. The first, by Warren Meyer at Coyote Blog, was actually written in December of 2004. But don't be surprised by that. Principles of individualism haven't changed in the 8,000 years or so of recorded human civilization (or as far back as humans possessed free will, for that matter), so his essay was valid then, today, and a thousand…Read More

Kos, Part II

Here's Part I, which was updated to reflect Charles Hueter's post. Now comes an update to that very same post by Charles, sent to him by frequent commenter here, Kyle Bennett. It's all just crying out for a copy/paste job right here. Charles writes: Kyle Bennett sent in the following comment: Kos and his ilk have a very different notion of "personal liberties" than libertarians do. It's not just a political difference about what constitutes…Read More

Hey, That’s My Job

John Venlet tells the story exactly right with respect to school shootings -- or any publicity shootings for that matter. ...as helpless citizens of the state, we must be kept cowering in the corner, rather than presuming we have any ability to protect ourselves from the various evils lurking in the world on a daily basis. It's like the employee from hell who goes around saying "Hey, that's my job" all of the time, rather…Read More

Jon Stewart

The Daily Show. You know, I rarely watch it. And I'm generally put off by unfair and out-of-context humor. I'm also not much given to the nihilist undertones that often pervade such material. Nonetheless, even I can't help myself, from time-to-time. And I must admit that I have laughed my ass off.Read More

Goldilocks Democrats

Not "too much" government, not "too little" government, but juuuuuust right. That's what this "new thing" ought to be called; not The Libertarian Democrat. This either. Look, this comes at an interesting time for me; in particular, having just thrown off every last ounce of grudging support for republicans I've had since I was a kid (indeed, in my younger days, it was enthusiastic support). There is no redeeming value to the Republican Party. Not…Read More

U.S. Government Destroys $7 Billion

This is what you won't see or hear reported much outside of financial circles. More than £3.5bn was wiped from the value of Britain's leading internet gaming companies, with PartyGaming, the world's biggest online poker company, seeing its market value slashed by £2.5bn. The price collapse saw its shares plummet 62 to 45p – a 58pc fall – which means the shares are highly likely to be removed from the FTSE 100 blue-chip index at…Read More

Sarcasm Alert

In view of the attempted shootings at schools of late, I'm sure gratified to realize that I was wrong when I said all those gun laws, gun-free zones, no-gun-within-a-million-miles laws and all that would do nothing to stop a crazy person intent on doing harm. I could pick at it, but I won't. Kim du Tiot has some valid observations here.Read More

Republican Litmus Test

Here's the deal. To my mind, the next couple of months are going to demonstrate that Reptilepublicans are just as evil -- if not more so -- as Demagogocrats. How? The Mark Foley scandal, of course. At first, it could be explained away as an "isolated incident," and everyone could look the other way -- as is typically the case -- 'cause, you know, there's an election coming so everything's going to be just fine.…Read More

Missed One, Kim

Doing my morning rounds, coffee in hand, I note at Billy's place that I missed an important post from Kim du Toit. Damn RSS reader, I guess. And he even mentions me by name -- but without the common courtesy of a link, however; and of course, without my fix in place, you'd be blocked from even linking over there from this site. ...Oh, well. But since I promised to be as objective as possible…Read More