Milton Friedman

Aside from the disappointment of someone so brilliant and influential as Milton Friedman not taking a moral stand alongside the issues he could easily and clearly demonstrate with sound economic theory, he did teach me a thing or two and I'm glad for that. So I was bouncing around, here and there, noticed how fast Wikipedia got updated, then I went over to Wikiquote and recalled this from the past. There are four ways in…Read More

Risk Assessment

Beck has up an interesting one, with interesting links to lots of things Everest. This is a subject I never tire of, having seen most of the documentary and docu-drama footage out there -- not only about recent fiascoes on Everest, but other peaks as well. I wanted to call attention to this aspect, to which I'd never really given serious consideration: I have in mind a whole generation of people who really believe that…Read More

Understanding What a Dollar Really Is

One of the many lessons traders learn is to greatly limit their information flow, which is especially tough in today's environment of information overload. Ironically, those who are just starting out in trading often do better than seasoned pros precisely because they don't take in lots of information that leads to fear and uncertainty, which leads to making exactly the wrong trades. But there are a few exceptions, and one of them for me is…Read More

Oh, Good Then

Lou Dobbs "supports" my rights and my power. I admit to being, among many other things, a proponent of populism. [...] a populist is, after all, nothing more than "a supporter of the rights and the power of the people." In fact, I'm a damn proud populist. Now, if that does not really, really, really mean my power and rights, your power and rights, and every single individual's individual power and rights then what can…Read More

Business as Usual

If you need any more evidence that the Republican Party are a bunch of political dimwits, see here. And for a bit of sarcasm, Warren Meyer found it. If there’s one message that the electorate sent the Republican Party last week, it’s that we hadn’t given them enough of Trent Lott. A few years back, I, my dad, and a business parter attended a CATO luncheon in San Francisco with P. J. O'Rourke as the…Read More

“What, Me Worry?”

For the obvious reasons of why the stock market broke out of a several-week consolidation phase to new highs yesterday, see here. I don't know how long that link will last for that particular article, but if you're coming along late, it's the Wednesday, November 15, 2006 update, in case they have an archive.Read More

No Questions. Just Observations

Kyle is exactly right. I can't bear to read it on a daily basis, nor even to link to it directly Me either. To think I used to have it on my blog roll. This is Bruce McQuain's fault, squarely. Had you told me back in 1995 that "McQ" was someday going to provide the prime moral basis for a statist-socialist blog, I'd have laughed myself silly. The other two numbskulls were and are what…Read More

Note to Kim du Toit

Kim, with reference to this prior abomination, now you're talking. The question is: can you unravel the proper distinctions in the whole thing? Here's a clue. Those people you are clearly praising are essentially free to produce what they want, so long as able, trade with whom they want, at whatever terms they want. What they lack is capital beyond their own labor and a measly few rupees, and that's why they are going to…Read More

Meet Your Newest Old Hobgoblin

"Will it be working families vs. big business?" Oh, you know it will. Nothing says "democrat politics" quite like envy. Now, of course, the democrats aren't stupid. They aren't going to kill corporate America like uncompromising commies would. But they're going to bleed it. Of that, you can be sure. And all those "working families" with their tax-deferred 401Ks and IRAs -- that is their very best hope of building a significant retirement for themselves…Read More

Badminton and the Origin of Civilization

L. Neil Smith, in an essay titled There's No Such Thing as "Goodminton," comes up with a pun of sorts, served up as a metaphor in characterizing the latest in political goings on. Election 2006 has come and gone, uprooting Bible-thumpers, born again warmongers, xenophobes, torturers, and homo-haters, replacing them with what will soon prove to be endless hordes of food fascists, tree huggers, Luddites, energy Nazis, anti-smokers, animal rights (but never human rights) crazies,…Read More

First Laugh of the Morning

"Ok, that's it. Who do I have to blow to get an invite to the next one of these?" and... "It can't have been that good. Guido was up and blogging at 10.49 the next morning." The first two comments to Samizdata's after action report, complete with lots of photos. Enjoy.Read More

Leave it Alone, Kim

My, oh my. Kim: you don't have any idea how silly you look to virtually anyone reasonably familiar with these ideas, do you? "What you guys are missing is that too much government has precisely the same result as no government at all." I'm sure that must have seemed clever, ironic, paradoxical (did I say clever?) when you wrote it, but it really drives home the great suspicion that you are breathlessly lightweight when it…Read More

Belated Happy Birthday

To me. Well, more precisely, to this blog. It's been three years and began with this post on November 2, 2003. Other than eventually deciding to allow comments, which I'm very glad I did, it has pretty much gone as expected. In fact, as to my continued and often increasing enthusiasm for it, it had exceeded my best imaginations. It's truly a lifetime's project for me. At least, that's how I view it now. As…Read More

They “Love” Alright

If Bush and Pelosi “love(ed)” America, they would diligently strive to return America to Americans rather than jockeying for position in the power over the people game that politics is. John, what they love is the United States and the Republicratic for which it stands. They don't love America, and I doubt they ever did, even once in their miserable lives. There's a substantial difference. I think that most people nowadays are not Americans at…Read More


I'm changing the design a bit, going to three columns with a floating-width center column. Because of that, the banner will look stupid, so I've removed it and will, for the time being, just have text. But I'm having an issue getting TypePad to reset that property. So, if you're wondering, this blog is: Uncommon Sense.Read More


People are welcome to think what they wish, but I will remind them they they are no more capable of determining the future with certainty than any of us. Try this: how many of you believed that this single-party government, over these past six years, would double the national debt and increase government spending on entitlements to unprecedented levels (well, since LBJ, anyway)? I know a lot of us didn't expect much from the republicans,…Read More

The End of Faith?

I'm simply saying that believing propositions on bad evidence is never a good idea. If there were sufficient reasons to believe Jesus will be returning to earth like a superhero, this belief would form part of our rational, scientific worldview. Of course, there are no good reasons to believe this, but this hasn't kept a majority of Americans from watching the skies in the hopes that the savior the world will soon arrive. In fact,…Read More

An Open Letter

Frequent commenter here, Kyle Bennett sends off a letter to some of his newly elected "representative." Not exactly a congratulations.Read More

The Coming Disaster

Well, of course. The only thing I really disagree with Billy about is that it will be "unprecedented." It will just be a general continuation of the general disaster that's been underway for longer than anyone can really put a finger on. In spite of all the talk of gridlock, that particular sentiment is not what did the republicans in tonight. The republicans did the republicans in. They've had every opportunity over twelve years to…Read More