This Coin-Toss World

Kim du Toit complains.

…here’s a summary: handgun licenses, rifle licenses, shotgun licenses,
ammo licenses, arsenal licenses, ending gun shows, gun bans, ammo bans,
mandatory storage “inspections”, elimination of C&R and the CMP… oh
good grief, I think I’m going to throw up now.

I sympathize. I really do. But I’ve got to ask him: what did you expect, Kim? I mean: I haven’t counted the posts, or anything, but I’m sure it’s safe to say that you spent a lot of  time and effort admonishing your readers to be cognizant and wary of such issues, and to go with your recommendations.

But didn’t you accept the terms of the deal, Kim? I mean: aren’t you a We the People kind of guy? Now, of course, when We the People speak, and it happens to result in peaceful people being denied freedom of association by force, for example, you’ll expect the commies to get their panties in all kinds of bunches. Am I right?

But aren’t’ you bigger than that, Kim? Can’t you take your defeats like a man? It’s you who’ve chosen to live your life by the coin-toss of the vote. I can understand your being happy when your 50/50 shot goes your way and sad when it goes against you, but to bellyache about it?

What’s the point? Just quit playing. Surely, you’re smart enough to get that.

Richard Nikoley

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