Your Papers, Please

So, an "atypical" Texas town decides that it will henceforth prevent, by force, the peaceful association of some people with others, because some people don’t possess the right papers — and no doubt because they also have brown skin.

Never forget, folks, that beyond all the euphemisms like "illegal," we’re talking about peaceful people getting together with other peaceful people in some sort of transaction or exchange that is taking place because both parties believe that it will be mutually beneficial to them. It is, of course, nobody else’s business. What we’re really talking about is this most peaceful form of humanity (the trade of values to mutual benefit) being forcibly halted by legally-sanctioned violence, i.e., citations, warrants, arrests, investigations, seizures, guns-blazing raids, trials, and jail time.

It’s all hunky-dory with guys like Kim du Toit and his choirboys in the comments section.

Utterly disgusting.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Aaron Krowne on November 20, 2006 at 07:02

    It frustrates me how no one wants to address the true causes of illegal immigration (a broken immigration system, for sure, but more importantly, an exploitable infrastructure). Everyone seems happy with band-aid "fixes", which are sure to simply create more strife.

    In principle this country should always be open to anyone who wants to live here. But we've created a system where to fulfill that promise means socialized harm to those already here.

    It's really quite tragic…

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