A Day’s Work in the “Land of the Free”


That’s the first "1,000 words." Here’s the second.

You know what? Since I’m tossing around clichés, here’s another: every time I see something like this, I laugh. It’s not because the image or its description is in any way funny. I’m laughing at you, dear reader. You; the one who thinks I just get way too worked up about the way things are going in the "Land of the Free." You; the one who thinks I overreact. You; the one who things I exaggerate.

I get the last laugh every time. But that’s only because nothing every changes. The picture at the bottom of this entry didn’t change anything, and neither will that one above.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Neal on December 12, 2006 at 12:58

    I find this picture excellent on so many levels, most of which are symbolic (I find the backstory, though important from a anti-War-on-Drugs perspective, somewhat irrelevant).

    Things I like: it has a fantastic, surreal Norman-Rockwell-esque quality to it. It speaks volumes about the current state of freedom in America. And more than anything, it paints a bleak picture of our future, where the existence of the State is taken to it's logical conclusion: absolute control of every person's existence.

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