Automatic Investigation

"They didn't knock. They ignored the sign, the dog sees or hears (and) protects my daughter, so he ran toward him -- not growling, not foaming at the mouth, not anything," Harris said. [...] Harris said his daughter saw the whole thing. "While she's running toward the dog, they kill him. She's yelling, 'Why'd you shoot him? I was going to get him. Why'd you shoot him?'" Harris said. [...] department policy mandates an automatic investigation... Oh, good. A "complete, full and thorough investigation." "Automatic," even. Pretty soon, it'll be all "ongoing" & shit, and questions will have to be "referred," up until the point that, in spite of this "unfortunate" incident being "sincerely regretted," no "evidence of wrongdoing" will issue forth and John O'Hare will be set lose to terrorize the next 12-yr-old girl and her dog that happens to assuage his little-man syndrome. I feel so much better, already. Have a shitty Christmas, Officer John O'Hare, of the Hartford "Northeast Conditions Unit;" have a goddammed rotten life after that; die early, young, painfully and undignified, shitting your gaddammed brains out to the muffled amusement of young nurses; be laid disgraced, into an unmarked grave that even your mother...

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