Dawkins vs. Jerry’s Kids in Lynchburg

What follows, below, is the Q&A session following a brief reading of excerpts from Richard Dawkins‘ new book, The God Delusion, which is one of the several books I’m currently reading. It’s a good book; comprehensive, evidencing a lot of thought and organization. It goes a long way towards the plain old simple process of acclamation of America to atheists in an open way that has yet to be done.

The reading, performed by Dawkins himself, took place at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, VA — home to Jerry Falwell‘s Liberty Baptist Church and Liberty University. It used to be called Liberty Baptist Bible College, then Liberty Baptist University, in the late 70s, when I was contemplating going there, along with Bob Jones University, Pensacola Christian College, and Tennessee Temple University. I settled on Tennessee Temple and completed a year of study. Mostly bible, which later transferred to Oregon State as general humanities, as well I was able to transfer some history and math.

At any rate, at least a good 80% of this Q&A are students — and even faculty — from Liberty, who’ve obviously come thinking they were going to confound the atheist. It didn’t happen. To say the least. Not even close. But Dawkins remains polite, even tender, throughout and does not lose composure one wit. He has clearly dealt with all this before.

I must admit I’m surprised that I didn’t hear a single new argument from the Liberty crowd. It’s been 25 years since I’ve been in the thick of this, and my high-school "science education," if you want to know it, is right there in those mostly inane questions. Every one of them. I’ve heard them a million times, thought they were bullet-proof at the age of 16, but found otherwise when I began thinking for myself.

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