Reisman vs. Pinheads

I don't claim to know a lot about Pinochet and his history. I suppose I could do a bit more background, but it really wouldn't matter for the purposes of this entry, because the reason I so enjoyed George Reisman's post on the Chilean dictator was because of the forest and not the trees, to reference that bit you see up top. I think that unless you are an historian prepared to do years of research, including getting as much first hand information as possible, you're never going to get the straight context on the crucial events and how they went down. The whole propaganda apparatus of the time -- intent on communism's firm and permanent planting in South America -- just has never been an inch beyond anything but pure and complete lies, ever. Virtually every bit of information that ever came out of those "revolutionaries" and their sycophant bedfellows in the leftist international media was slanted to make the god dammed commies look good and those trying to hold them off like exploitative opportunists. But, you know, hell hath no furry like someone intent on "saving the world," of which you'll start getting a taste of in the...

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Richard Nikoley

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