Running on Time

By all reasonable accounts, so far, it’s a decent bet that the 2008 presidential election will feature Hillary Clinton vs. John McCain.

Oh, boy. Can’t wait for that one. Of course, it’s going to be "the most important election of your life" — superseding the last most important election of your life, which was…uh, just a minute…oh, yea: 2004. They just get importanter and importanter.

Matt Welch has dealt John McCain a pretty scathing editorial, I think, in the LA Times. Will it make any difference? No, of course not. The only questions that get asked and answered, any more, concern themselves with degree — how much poison — a little, or a lot? But everyone is content to drink some.

The 2008 election rigmarole will never get any more meaningful than if the whole thing was to be a contest over who is best dressed. In meaningful terms: it’s a contest between the collectivist-communist behind door number one vs. the collectivist-fascist behind door number two. The common theme is what’s important. The rest is just about what they’re wearing.

Both will promise, and try, to make the government run on time like never before. The one, for the children, and the other, for the troops.


Richard Nikoley

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