By What Standard Indeed?

Quite fortunately for Kim du Toit, he happens to be more disposed to conduct his voluntary and consensual affairs in ways that happen to be legal in Texas, and more generally, the U.S. Although, with all the traveling around he does for his gun shows, I just wonder if he edges across the legal line in any of the states he must traverse to get from one place to the other. Not that I mind, of course. But there are sure plenty of "concerned citizens" who'd be perfectly happy to see him locked up for a good long time in order to "protect" the rest of us. Equally, of course, others who conduct their own voluntary and consensual affairs are not so fortunate. All the while, the irony and hypocrisy seems to completely allude good ol' Kim: The U.S.A. leads the way with 2.2 million prisoners out of a population of 300 million (0.73%, or over 4.5 times the world average). Excellent. So we stick our lawbreakers in jail, rama lama ding dong. He goes on to question the idea that prison is not efficacious in dealing with crime, asking: "Efficacy by what standard?" By which he means: a standard...

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Richard Nikoley

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