The 2007 Declaration of Independence

Hard to resist not just posting this in its entirely. I agree with George Reisman: a bucket of pearls. In addition to his complaint that the author wishes you to cast them before swine, I do have to say that the need to write another Declaration of Independence ought to to at least imply some reason to check a premise or two. I'm referring to the "Constitutional" nonsense, as well as the "Governments are instituted among men" balderdash. Nonetheless, it's a rather comprehensive look at the band of thieves you call your representatives and governors. Read on. With a new Congress convening, it’s time to recall the ideals of America as expressed by Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence. The following is a new version of the Declaration, updated to reflect the current usurpations and threats we face. It is an urgent call for our newly elected representatives to fulfill the promise of America envisioned by our Founders and for We, The People, to insist that they do. When in the course of human events, a people find it necessary to rid themselves of a government that has abandoned the sound principles upon which it was founded and that...

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Richard Nikoley

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