The 2007 Declaration of Independence

Hard to resist not just posting this in its entirely. I agree with George Reisman: a bucket of pearls. In addition to his complaint that the author wishes you to cast them before swine, I do have to say that the need to write another Declaration of Independence ought to to at least imply some reason to check a premise or two. I’m referring to the "Constitutional" nonsense, as well as the "Governments are instituted among men" balderdash. Nonetheless, it’s a rather comprehensive look at the band of thieves you call your representatives and governors.

Read on.

With a new Congress convening,
it’s time to recall the ideals of America as expressed by Thomas
Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence. The following is a new
version of the Declaration, updated to reflect the current usurpations
and threats we face. It is an urgent call for our newly elected
representatives to fulfill the promise of America envisioned by our
Founders and for We, The People, to insist that they do.

in the course of human events, a people find it necessary to rid
themselves of a government that has abandoned the sound principles upon
which it was founded and that increasingly threatens their lives and
liberties, reason requires them to declare the causes of their

We hold these truths to be certain and immutable,
that all men by their nature possess unalienable rights; that among
these are life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness; that
to protect these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving
their just and limited powers from the consent of the governed; that
individuals show respect for each other’s rights by associating with
one another through voluntary consent; that an act of force against a
person violates his rights; and that it is the sole, legitimate purpose
of government to ban the initiation of force in society by retaliating
with force against it—through the police and courts to apprehend and
punish domestic criminals, the military to defend against foreign
invaders, and the civil courts to settle disputes among men—thereby
insuring the peace and safety of a free and civilized people.

whenever a government becomes destructive of these ends, when it
becomes the very instrument of coercion it is supposed to protect
against, it is the right and duty of the people to alter it and
institute new government that will protect their safety and freedom.
The history of the present government of the United States—with state
and local governments following suit—is one of a dangerous, unchecked
growth of powers leading to the ultimate perversion in which it is the
government that holds the reins and the citizens that are saddled,
bridled, and spurred to do its bidding. To prove this, let facts be
submitted to reasonable minds.

The government has violated our
right to property and seized our wealth through onerous taxation that
totals over 40 percent of the national income, taxing our salaries,
investments, homes, businesses, purchases, etc., so that we cannot even
buy a toothbrush without paying a tribute.

It has transformed a
nation of self-reliant, self-supporting individuals into a swarm of
special interest groups—workers, farmers, seniors, unions,
corporations, etc.—each clamoring for favors and handouts at the
expense of others, so that the young are taxed to support the old, the
rich to support the poor, the people in the mountains to support flood
victims at the shores; and the louder the demands, the more a group

It has made us dependent on its largess for our vital
needs, such as our retirement income and medical care, which no longer
depend on our individual choices and actions but on the promises of
politicians whose costly, ill-conceived programs are fast approaching

It has appointed itself as the supreme master who
decides for all what foods, medicines, products are safe to use—even
mandating how our televisions must be made, our cereal boxes labeled,
our toilets flushed—bombarding us with countless agencies that misuse
our money, harass us, fine us, and violate our freedom to control our
own lives.

It has, in order to gain votes and power bases,
usurped the role of private charity, giving food, housing, and other
provisions to special groups, removing incentives for them to improve
their own lives, and creating an uncharitable, unchosen, and unjust
financial burden on others to support them.

It has vilified our
industries, seized their profits, hampered free trade, prevented
mergers, dictated every detail of employment and operation—controlling
pay, hours, benefits, prices, hiring, firing, production, profits—even
setting safety standards for swivel chairs in the workplace—thereby
violating the rights of employers, employees, and customers to deal
with each other on their own terms.

It has created endless ways
to cripple businesses, so that if a company is deemed too large,
anti-trust laws force it to divide; if it is deemed to pay wages that
are too low, labor laws force it to offer more; all at the whim of
public officials who create no wealth and live off money extorted from
taxpayers, yet issue televised tongue-lashings and punishments to
businesspeople for not running their enterprises to better suit the
politicians’ favored groups.

It has, for political advantage,
doled out subsidies, invoked protective tariffs, created monopolies,
bestowed grants and privileges—including paying farmers not to produce
any crops—giving unfair advantage to some businesses at the expense of
others and creating chaos in the marketplace.

It has failed to
protect the people’s rights, but instead protects snail darters,
caribou, and the wilderness, in order to pander to aberrant
environmentalists who use energy in every aspect of their lives—in
their cars, planes, computers, lawn mowers, toasters, microphones—while
instigating laws to severely hamper energy production.

It has
stifled domestic exploration for oil with onerous regulation, which has
made oil scarcer and more expensive and thus enriched foreign
oil-producing countries such as Iran, whose revenues support the
brainwashing schools, training camps, and militias of ruthless savages
who plot to annihilate us.

It has imposed oppressive taxes, yet
the huge sums it extracts still cannot quench its thirst for more
reckless spending, plunging the country deeper into debt and, if
unchecked, into bankruptcy.

It has seized so much power that
kickbacks from contractors, bribes from lobbyists, favors exchanged for
votes, and other scandals in its ranks are rampant.

It has
corrupted the morals of the people, who see that they can vote
themselves the taxpayers’ money, so they abandon personal
responsibility and self-reliance to clamor for more handouts,
perpetuating their own dependence and their representatives’ corruption.

has created a welfare state not only within our borders, but throughout
the world, squandering huge sums on foreign aid that bails out the
failing regimes of despotic rulers, feeds the very enemies who arm to
destroy us—such as North Korea and many others over the years—and
creates a global entitlement mentality that demands a bite of the
already ravaged carcass of the American taxpayer.

It has
financed and supported the corrupt United Nations, an organization
allegedly dedicated to world peace that grants the worst tyrannies
equal moral standing with free countries and provides a forum for the
bloodiest dictatorships to condemn us.

It has shamefully failed
in its constitutional duty to protect us from deadly threats abroad,
allowing repeated attacks on us to go unpunished and emboldening our
enemies to wreak unprecedented death and destruction on our own soil.

has left us vulnerable to a ruthless enemy because of its endless
appeasement, its perverse desire not to offend anyone, its need for
approval from hostile countries, its concern for our decorum over our
victory—in short, its moral cowardice in defending America.

These and other usurpations and failings now weigh heavily on us.

the laws of nature and our Constitution, we declare ourselves a free
people with sovereignty over ourselves. We demand an end to the
creeping tyranny that strangles us. We demand the dismantling of
government in all areas of usurped powers never granted it by the
Constitution. We demand that our elected representatives act on the
ideals of liberty to reverse our self-destructive course.

will never forget that we are Americans. We forged a continent not with
public aid but with the shining vision of a better life and the
self-reliance to attain it. We created wealth, progress, and
achievement on an unprecedented scale. No government fed our pioneers,
inspected their wagons for safety, certified their chickens, subjected
their homes to endless building permits, meddled in their businesses,
looted their wealth. No government built the breathtaking skylines of
our majestic cities, the proud monuments to free minds and free
commerce. The government’s fingerprints are found only on the shattered
shells of public housing that wound our cities, a grim reminder of the
failed welfare state. The time has come to reclaim our country from the
meddlers, do-gooders, and would-be dictators seeking to nourish their
craving for power with our lifeblood. We will restore America as the
proud haven of liberty. To this we pledge our sacred honor.

you agree with this declaration, send it to your representatives. Tell
them that you intend to support people who offer a return to limited
government and the freedoms guaranteed us by the Constitution.

Genevieve (Gen) LaGreca is the author of “Noble Vision” a novel about liberty and a ForeWord magazine Book of the Year Award winner. She may be contacted at

Copyright © 2007 by Genevieve LaGreca

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