The Principle at Work?

Balko points to a summary of why and how government grants and guaranteed student loans increase the cost of college education. Well, duh! It's easy to spend other people's money. In all the myriad permutations -- whether you're talking about outright grants, or loans that you would otherwise be unable to obtain -- the underlying principle is all the same. But it's not just in education. Health care is another example. I'm not all that nit-picky about prices for things. They are what they are, and you just factor it into whatever you're doing and if it works, it works. But even I am regularly just dumbfounded by the cost of health care. We recently had a young man at my company do a couple of days in the hospital -- nothing really fancy -- and the bill was $40,000. Paid by the medical insurance I provide, of course. So it's no wonder that for only about a dozen of my employees on our plan (others are on their spouse's plans), mostly young, I pay around $100,000 per year in insurance premiums. Yea. But do you know why costs are so high? It's because we've developed a culture where multitudes...

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Richard Nikoley

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