“thugs in police uniforms”

Yep. Just like I've been saying. Those who think this isn't wide spread are just fooling themselves. There is nothing more dangerous to your freedom and health than the police in America, the "Land of the Free." You know what turf to avoid to steer clear of common thugs, but you can't avoid the police, and that's increasingly so ("more cops on the street"). I stay completely clear of them to every extent possible. They…Read More

There’s an Opportunity in There Somewhere

I've been meaning to weigh in, sometime, on the whole copyright war thing. This isn't going to be much, just an observation or two. Let's imagine you create something, but for whatever reason, your creation is really difficult to secure. That is, it's easy for people to steal. And, in fact, it's so easy -- offered up on a silver platter -- that normally good people don't even think of it as stealing. ...People who…Read More

Baltimore’s “Finest”

This is a necessary and logical consequence of the endless calls for "more police on the streets." The citizens (the morons) are just reacting to irrational fear hyped up by big media (the instigators), and all is fit & tidy for the politicians (the criminal-elite) to exploit the irrational fear of the morons as created by the instigators -- the criminal-elite's bedfellows and partners in crime. Then, it all gets executed by the police (the…Read More

The Necessity of Law and Enforcement

Whenever it happens that I get into a conversation about public policy, the law, enforcement, and the State in general, It's quite the norm that in one form or another, I'm told that we need these various laws in order to prevent the various predations that go on round and about. My first query is usually to ask what laws are preventing them from being a bad person. Who would they victimize, in what way,…Read More

Note to Self

If it isn't obvious from the general nature of the general content of this blog, I like mixing it up. Things get quiet, and my natural tendency is to locate some shit to stir, even if it goes nowhere and it's just for my own edification in giving it a turn or two. Sitting here, sipping on something alcoholic at 5pm, dinner at an Indian resto (that's French -- no shit) with friends in about…Read More

Global Warming Swindle Update

Since I first posted about it, I've been idly checking around to see what comes of it. My glancing around is by no means exhaustive, and yet, the apparent absence of a very strong scientific counter broadcast far and wide tells me a great deal. Why wouldn't they, if they had the goods? By broadcasting this far and wide, along with the obvious refutation, they could nail the coffin shut on dissenters far and wide.…Read More

Hunter Nikoley

Four years old. My nephew's "interview" with our friend Ray in his San Francisco video studio this last Christmas season. Singing at the beginning, funny dialog toward the end. And without further ado:Read More

“Land of the Free” Update

This happened like a week or so ago, but I didn't feel like blogging at the time. But I do feel it needs a mention, here. Again, I find myself embarrassed to be called an American. Some days, I just hate this country and everyone in it. This is one of those days.Read More

For Reference

I actually created a new category, just for this entry: "Beyond Categorization." It kind of defies description because I almost feel as though I'm approaching something that doesn't exist at a cognitive level -- like I'm dealing with some form of bacteria, or something, and words that describe human behavior simply don't fit at all. Anyway, here, for purposes of reference, is a list of posts for the next time you read one of my…Read More

1,000 and Counting

That's the number of videos on YouTube documenting police brutality. So, how many thousands of such incidents can you have in a "Land of the Free," before it's not? You can rest assured that those videos are not what the thugs in the "Justice" Department had in mind. (van Bakel)Read More

A Little Here, and a Litte There

A friend at the cool condos in which we live here in in San Jose dug up a very interesting photo exposé. If there's anything I'm a complete sucker for, it's photos showing a modern city or establishment as it used to be -- whenever. I always love when old restaurants have photos of what the place looked like decades ago. Mind you: this is all within no more than 10 minutes walk from where…Read More

“The Great Global Warming Swindle”

The greatest steer ever That's what I wrote in an email to Billy last night, after I'd watched a good portion of the video embedded below. I also sent off an email to an old friend along with the link to alert him to its existence. Because his book includes substantial portions that promote the global warming catechism hook, line & sinker (read the customer reviews of his book, and you'll get it), I really…Read More

Understand This

Robert Kiyosaki is dead on the money. Now, some may have qualms about his various marketing machinations: selling books, seminars, and whatnot, but I'll tell you that when I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I thought it was a fresh and brilliant book for educating the financially illiterate. So how can I say that the market is crashing even if it continues to go up? To see the true crash, educated investors need to compare…Read More

A Sprinkling of Justice

Good news. For once, trespassers and thugs are recognized as trespassers and thugs. That would be you, "James Lutz and Stacy Ferris, whose name is now Stacy Brandau." But the best news is that John Coffin and his wife are not themselves in coffins, six under. Actually, I'm surprised that at least one of them wasn't shot. I'm not the least surprised that Mr. Coffin was prosecuted. After all, he got the best of the…Read More

Latter Day Nonsense

So; I'm mildly interested in the fact that Mitt Romney -- one of the however-many insolent, petulant, presumptuous megalomaniacs vying to rule your life come '08 -- is a Mormon. So was I! Yep, I was born with both the Mormon gene and the Lutheran gene. However, I guess the Mormon gene was dominant, so I ended up "a Mormon" and was even baptized right here in the Mormon Temple of Oakland. Not that I…Read More

“God’s Dupes”

So Sam Harris is at it, again, this time in an Opinion piece in today's Los Angeles Times. Ostensibly, the piece is about CA Congressman Pete Stark coming out of the closet to declare himself rational on the issue of religious belief; in essence, letting everyone know that, unlike most of them, he doesn't profess to literally believe in an Imaginary Friend. It kind of puts this entry of mine from way back in a…Read More

Bear Trap

I must say; even though my heart is with the Bears, because down moves are just plain more fun, that was a pretty damned good fake out today in most indexes. The Bulls set a tempting trap and pulled it off beautifully. Here's the S&P 500 Index over the last month. Each candle in a full trading day's action. You'll recognize that big red one from Feb 27. What a day that was. I've only…Read More