A Sprinkling of Justice

Good news.

For once, trespassers and thugs are recognized as trespassers and thugs. That would be you, "James Lutz and Stacy Ferris, whose name is now Stacy Brandau." But the best news is that John Coffin and his wife are not themselves in coffins, six under. Actually, I’m surprised that at least one of them wasn’t shot. I’m not the least surprised that Mr. Coffin was prosecuted. After all, he got the best of the State, and when that happens, the State will get you if they can.

Right? Wrong? Irrelevant, in the eyes of prosecutors like Jeff Young. The driving motivation is to "convince a jury." This, of course, reduces to the task of finding as many people who want to be stupid as you can.

Good for Circuit Judge Rick De Furia. He got this one right, even though he had to rely upon the law to do so — and not just the simple matter of what’s right and wrong — he at least didn’t let it get so far as to let 12 morons nullify the law in the wrong way, put the guy away, and later utter non-sequitur post-decision inanities like "my daddy taught me to respect the uniform."


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