Baltimore’s “Finest”

This is a necessary and logical consequence of the endless calls for "more police on the streets." The citizens (the morons) are just reacting to irrational fear hyped up by big media (the instigators), and all is fit & tidy for the politicians (the criminal-elite) to exploit the irrational fear of the morons as created by the instigators — the criminal-elite’s bedfellows and partners in crime.

Then, it all gets executed by the police (the criminal-thugs; the muscle).

I wish I could just chalk it up to mischief brought on by boredom, but these are real live adults presuming the authority to knock out your life on a whim, with very little at risk to them for making "an error." Just trust them. They’re professionals, you see. Of course there’s even more to it, and that’s just the plain fact that citizenship (in attitude) attracts morons, journalism attracts dishonest swindlers, politics attracts mafioso, and the police forces attract thugs.

Well. At least we know where all the bad guys are.

Richard Nikoley

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