Note to Self

If it isn’t obvious from the general nature of the general content of this blog, I like mixing it up. Things get quiet, and my natural tendency is to locate some shit to stir, even if it goes nowhere and it’s just for my own edification in giving it a turn or two.

Sitting here, sipping on something alcoholic at 5pm, dinner at an Indian resto (that’s French — no shit) with friends in about an hour, I feel like making an entry. My RSS is read. Nothing there. Check the news. You’d have to torture me to blog about something in today’s head and sub-headlines. How about finance? The market started off on a welcome sell off on the worst new home sales figures in six years, but the moron bulls bought the dip and ended the day barely green. Fuckin’ morons.

But I got an email today about a lawsuit filed against my company, by, of all entities, Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District. Guess why? Well, of course, because they hit us. Here’s the deal. The employee was in San Francisco, parked along the curb, exited the vehicle and was getting something out of the back seat when a city bus came along and smacked the open rear door of the company Jaguar. Now, of course, the bus wasn’t bearing down when she made her exit. It was clear. It came along afterwards.

It could have stopped. It could have gone around. Human beings do this. But this is the sovereign authority of the land, and, you see, they wrote a note to themselves (made a law). They wrote a note to themselves that says that if anyone’s in their way, they can plow right through, and, "legally," it’s the fault of the one in the way. It’s magical.

The insurance co. will take care of it, of course, and they’ll probably settle. You can’t fight government note-to-self writing.

Richard Nikoley

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