It Happens

I don't feel like blogging. Not for days, and if anything, it's worse now -- to a point where if I indulge the fantasy of not blogging any longer, I'm fine with it. Must be the market, but then, I'm up significantly (so far: unrealized gains of about 15%) over the last couple of weeks. I don't know. It's wearisome, at times. I was thinking about a roundup this weekend of stuff I liked, but…Read More

Time Frames

I'm not very alarmist by nature. Not at all. While I'm often outraged by the injustice I catch wind of daily, I'm actually optimistic that there'll be ebb & flow. I really do think everything's gonna be alright. Oh, people are gonna die, and it may be me and it may be you, and I'll never be accepting of that, but I see glimmers of hope in many things. There are always going to be…Read More

More, Please

Wouldn't it be great if more stupidity and ignorance were dealt with through the clever use of in-your-face ridicule, rather than running to the nearest legislature? Whaddya wanna bet that Tim Hardaway feels like a complete idiot?Read More

Weekend Virtual Hang Gliding

Someone just turned me on to the Vils Brothers out of Rio. The Brazilians are nuts about HG. I always love being around them. At any rate, check out this one minute collection of bits. Don't miss the 1-second shot of a gaggle of dozens of hang gliders sharing the same thermal. I've been in those. So long as everyone's turning the same direction (as dictated by our own safety procedures), it's not as wild…Read More

“Land of the Free” (Update)

In other news, it comes to my attention that peaceful people in possession of one thing, and other peaceful people in possession of another, have agreed to some sort of relationship whereby, the former serves the later in exchange for certain compensation and other liberties having to do with the possessions of the former. (You think you know where I'm going with this, but you don't; and it wouldn't matter anyway, because the principle is…Read More

On Crusade Again (Sometimes)

I'd be lying if I said I don't derive some perverse pleasure from throwing shit around like this. I do. I'm sorry that it's sometimes directed at people I know and like, and even family. I really struggle with it, but in the end, conclude it's the right thing to do.Read More

The Birds and the Devils

Via Ted, who emailed me a bunch of interesting stuff relating to integrating my video toy and flying hang-gliders comes this short and funny clip worth tossing up here for your weekend enjoyment. When birds attack. ...And Dust Devils. After the views out across the flats, the site is the top of Chelan Butte in Washington. I've flown there lots of times, and I've seen these dusties lots of times.Read More