“The Great Global Warming Swindle”

The greatest steer ever

That’s what I wrote in an email to Billy last night, after I’d watched a good portion of the video embedded below.

I also sent off an email to an old friend along with the link to alert him to its existence. Because his book includes substantial portions that promote the global warming catechism hook, line & sinker (read the customer reviews of his book, and you’ll get it), I really only had a one line intro of this film for him:

"Ignore this at your own risk."

If you think you know what global warming is, how it’s caused, whether man has anything to do with it, or — and get this, if nothing else — the proper cause & effect relationship between warming and CO2, then I will say the same to you: ignore this film at your own risk.

Once you’re done, you’ll understand why global warming causes increased CO2 levels (CO2 is about 1/30th of 1% of our atmosphere, in case you didn’t know), and not the other way around.

Figures. Cause & effect, reversed. It’s like I always say: 180 degree errors are the easiest to make. Those who erred, of course, have that excuse. Those just perpetuating the swindle don’t; and I dearly hope they are eventually exposed, discredited, and are never trusted in the real scientific community again.

Alright, all you global-warming ignoramuses: go. And if you end up feeling really fucking stupid, ask yourself honestly if that wouldn’t just be fitting. This thing (anthropogenic global warming) never passed the smell test with me. Not for one single instant, ever.

Update: Here’s a far higher resolution version.

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  1. Kyle Bennett on March 21, 2007 at 13:41

    How ironic that Thatcher started all this crap. I always suspected she was a closet crypto-warmingist.

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