“thugs in police uniforms”

Yep. Just like I’ve been saying. Those who think this isn’t wide spread are just fooling themselves.

There is nothing more dangerous to your freedom and health than the police in America, the "Land of the Free." You know what turf to avoid to steer clear of common thugs, but you can’t avoid the police, and that’s increasingly so ("more cops on the street"). I stay completely clear of them to every extent possible. They have the power, on virtually any pretense, to alter the course of the rest of your life on a whim.

I have a real tough time hiding it when I have contempt for a person, so it’s doubly important that I avoid encounters with such "authorities;" and when it’s absolutely unavoidable, I say as absolutely little as possible.

Overblown?  Maybe.  You decide. (story). Note in that video the "men" standing around watching, and I think some are calling the guy’s (Antony) name. Wanna bet one or more isn’t a fellow off-duty cop? Then, of course, at the court hearing, fellow cops thugs ticket news vehicles, threaten to arrest reporters, and shuttle the accused perp in via a side door. "Stand up guys," eh? My contempt for the lot of them knows no bounds, of course, and it’s just this sort of thing that makes me paint every single one of them with the same very wide brush.

There’s more. Much more. Every day. But I have a plane to catch.

Richard Nikoley

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