I love it when a plan comes together

I really do love craigslist. What a value, and yet I’ve never paid them a dime — not that I wouldn’t, should they ask.

The first time they got me out of a jam was a few years back. I got an eye for a new travel trailer of a hybrid design. You may have seen them. They’re like a normal trailer, but all the sleeping compartments fold out from the side, sheltered with tenting. This affords the advantage of having your sleeping surfaces available 24/7 rather than having to break down and set up tables to sleep on, etc. At any rate, I owned a Coleman pop-up trailer and the dealer for the new one would only give me two grand in trade. I thought I might be able to get more, so I went ahead and bought the new trailer and the dealer assured me with a handshake that if I couldn’t sell my pop-up for more within a couple of weeks, he’d still take it for the original offer.

So I went home, awoke the next morning and went to work on it. I spiffied up the Coleman and called my brother to post to his pop-up camping club that it was for sale. He says: "Why don’t you put it on craigslist?" I dunno. "OK, I’ll give it a try." Within two hours I had two people out to look at it, and the next day, I got $4,500 cash. Cool.

So we’ve been doing a bit of shifting stuff around, and in that process, made our former dining room into a TV room so the front room no longer has a TV and we’ve been focussed on making it into a nice room for visiting and conversation.

But the modern black leather sofa just didn’t work, and so I spotted a new one from Z Gallery (brown leather; classic design) and purchased it on the spot a couple of weeks ago. "Three to four weeks for delivery," but they called in two. Oops. What about the old one? So I post it to Craig a couple of day ago…and nothing. This morning, I realize: that new couch is coming this afternoon, so what are you going to do?

I deleted my old ad, posted a new one, and started getting inquiries. Sorting out the ones from Nigeria who want to pay me double, so long as I reimburse the balance to their shipper and keep $100 for my added trouble…, I find a gem from a gal up in Berkeley, CA. She wants it, offers $100 under my asking price and I come back with a counter to split the difference — all ‘couched’ in a polite presumption of her acceptance.

She makes the 50 mile journey; the deal is concluded; and I help her load it onto her truck, tie it up for her proper, and I’m saved again.

It’s not an hour later and the guys arrive with the new sofa.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Neal on April 6, 2007 at 12:39

    I had a similar good experience with craigslist not too long ago after upgrading TVs. Got a new TV Friday, posted the old one to craigslist Saturday and sold it to a guy Sunday afternoon – just in time to get it out of our house for our super bowl party and in time for him to get it into his apartment for the same.

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