Quick Hit

I ought resist the urge, but what can I say? I'm weak Via email, I get the link to this post from Vox Day, "the scientist and Christian Libertarian." I guess his real name is Theodore Beale, a writer of Christian fantasy (ahem...) novels in the tradition of C.S. Lewis, and apparently brimming with substantial doses of good old fashioned hellfire, brimstone and judgmental wrath for those who don't toe the (Beale's?) line. It's reminiscent…Read More

China Jabbering

I wondered when this would be coming along and in what form it would take, so now the suspense ends. Well I'm just going to presume that I'm included amongst the "people" he's talking about. So sit back while I swing and howl from the chandelier. I'll leave you to judge credulity (childish or otherwise; his and mine) for yourselves. But first: I never, ever said or implied that "China is turning 'capitalist'" or anything…Read More

Hair: The Long & Short of It

Sometime last October or November I decided to let my hair grow for the first time since I was about 12 or 13, I think. Of course, back then, being "clean cut" was more a function of dad's preferences than my own; but it was what it was. Then I was in a private school that required it, then Navy ROTC in college, and then the Navy. Paradise lost. Or so I thought. So I…Read More

Art De Vany

This is an amazing blog on health and fitness that I've not been able to keep my eyes off of all morning since some kind commenter to my last post on resistance training steered me to it. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and this is no exception. Mr. De Vany will be 70 years old in three months (notice the chest and forearms; pictures of vitality, health and fitness both). I wish…Read More

Resistance Training

I will have much more to say about this in months to come, but it's becoming increasingly obvious to me that in terms of health and fitness, people have been suckered into a load of nonsense over the last 30 years with respect to the benefits of aerobics to the exclusion of all else. Over four years ago, now, I embarked on a program of walking (briskly) every morning five days per week. I wanted…Read More

Tiny Bubbles

Here's pretty good reasoning, I'd say, characterizing asset bubbles in general and the China stock market in particular. Remember, the general public always gets it wrong by either exiting to early (fear of loss when hope of further profits is called for) or staying in too long (hope for a turnaround when fear of deeper losses is called for). This, from a book published in 1923 that I just quoted the other day: The speculator’s…Read More

They’ll Get Over It: Especially When It’s the Truth

Karen says: I could care less who gets pissed off at me. They'll get over it. Reminds me of what I said to my wife over dinner just last night when the subject of an incident I inspired during the family camping trip this holiday weekend came up. Someone was talking about their "great" derelict son's "great" girlfriend (not the one raising his two kids; the other one) who's a stripper / lap dancer. I…Read More

Data Point

Billy points to something that reminded me of something I wanted to be reminded to blog about but hadn't yet for whatever reason I'd forgotten to do it. ...[inhale]... He strikes perfectly adequately at the underlying so I won't bother to rehash; as well George Will. But what I was reminded of was a taxi experience a couple of months ago during a visit to Las Vegas. You must understand: I'm not one to strike…Read More

San Jose in The New York Times

So this is where I live, eh? Actually, as trivial hype goes, this isn't too bad. A little over-emphasis of the truly mundane and no mention of the best things (like Trial's Pub and SJAC, dammit! both a mere 5-minute walk from where I sit this very moment), but it aint bad; and they did, after all, mention Original Joe's which I think has to be among my ten favorite restaurants in the entire world…Read More

A Reading: Mistakes

The recognition of our own mistakes should not benefit us any more than the study of our successes. But there is a natural tendency in all men to avoid punishment. When you associate certain mistakes with a licking, you do not hanker for a second dose, and, of course, all stock-market mistakes wound you in two tender spots -- your pocket book and your vanity. But I will tell you something curious: A stock speculator…Read More

Buy a Little Freedom; Only a Hundred Bucks

It goes without saying that it'd be best if airline businesses were turned away from the government trough, and most particularly, made responsible for the general security of their own aircraft and passengers (you'll note we don't have a federal aircraft repair and maintenance bureau), and held accountable for such general security -- to include also all aspects of traffic management on the ground and in the air, port facilities; in short, each and every…Read More

Shrugging: A Thought

America's second most influential book after the Christian Bible is a favorite of mine, as it is of many or most libertarians. This entry a bit ago got me to wondering: not everyone appreciates it for the same reasons and exploring the differences, amongst those who like it, could be an interesting study. Offhand, I'm thinking of the central theme or device of the novel; that is, the producers (those to whom capital naturally flows…Read More

A Good Show

I think I recall that the initial projection would be three months to repair the MacArthur Maze, the section of Bay Area freeway that came down a mere 25 days ago after a tanker truck caught fire (apparently, in order to mask a government demolition) and weakened the steel structure to the point that it collapsed of its own weight (Rosie? Rosie...?). This is damned impressive, if you ask me and considering what they were…Read More

More Misery?

Well I can't say I didn't half expect this (second link in the post, along with the insinuation). Since I've never known Billy to lie (not a single time ever), or even to use selective truth to be dishonest (most people do it all the time), let me clarify a few things (much of which is done in the comments to that post he cites). First, I'm speaking for myself. I happen to find it…Read More

Always Fade The New York Times

Carl Futia is a really, really good swing trader and is one the the very few people I pay any attention to. Well over 99% of market commentary out there -- particularly for short-term or "swing trading" -- is worse than worthless. Worthless would mean that heeding their "predictions" costs you nothing and makes you nothing. But you'll find that listening to anyone else as a substitute for developing your own independent judgment will almost…Read More

Believe or Wish for What You Want, But We’re Headed Higher

Reading as much market commentary as I do, I don't think most people have even the slightest realistic inkling of the effect that China and India are going to have on the world financially, and in terms of raw prosperity, in the next decade or two to come. And you know what? I'm tired -- really -- of hearing and noting that China are a bunch of commies. We're a bunch of commies. What's new?…Read More

Unreasonable People

If you take "reasonable" to mean that which most everyone considers reasonable, then this is pretty good: Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people. -- George Bernard Shaw (Bill Egan)Read More

Second Handers

Yep, the world is full of 'em (those who derive their self esteem from the perceptions of others, not from objective achievements), and my suspicion is that this sort of personality, demeanor, psychology, psychosis (whatever you want to call it) is behind a lot more than we tend to think it is. Upon due consideration, I also have to wonder if it isn't sometimes behind things you'd least expect it to be. Brett Steenbarger tries…Read More

Rachel Lucas

She's Ba-ack. Not as funny, though. I turned 35 last month and something about reaching that age makes me feel totally ballsy. I’m ready to berate asshats once more, baby! And I’ve started paying attention to the news again, which is like watching a bunch of circus clowns throwing poop at each other. The headline on Drudge as I write this is about John McCain using “a curse word associated with chickens” while arguing with…Read More