A Good Show

I think I recall that the initial projection would be three months to repair the MacArthur Maze, the section of Bay Area freeway that came down a mere 25 days ago after a tanker truck caught fire (apparently, in order to mask a government demolition) and weakened the steel structure to the point that it collapsed of its own weight (Rosie? Rosie...?). This is damned impressive, if you ask me and considering what they were up against. Eighteen days of construction. According to the story, C.C. Meyers won the low bid contract at $867,075 which seems like an awfully small amount, especially when you've got crews totaling 300 skilled workers going at it 24/7. I'll bet he set his price low enough to just barely cover hard costs, if not even taking an out-of-pocket loss. That would mean putting it on the line to go after the bonus. Setting aside the issue of where money to do this kind of stuff comes from, I think it's just dandy that he gets that $5 million bonus. I can't think of anything (again, setting aside...) more American. Way to go. Now, if only the environment can survive the impact...

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Richard Nikoley

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