Big, Bigger, Biggest Fool’s Parade

I don’t know that James Dobson is anywhere near what Andrew Sullivan refers to as "the most influential man in the Republican base," but he’s pretty damn influential, successful, and has been for a long time (I remember him as a teenager, like 30 years ago).

But get a load of that, will ya?

Well, God is going to move. You won’t find in the Scriptures that the
United States is coming to rescue Israel or the European Union, but God
says he is going to supernaturally intervene, we’re talking about fire
from heaven, a massive earthquake, diseases spreading through the enemy
forces.  It is going to be such a clear judgement [sic] against the enemies
of Israel that Exekiel 39 says that will take seven months to bury all
the bodies of the slain enemies of Israel. And the birds of the air and
the beasts of the field are going to eat many of these slain soldiers.
I think this is the end of radical Islam as we know it, Ezekiel 38 and
39, and in the aftermath, millions, even tens of millions, including
radical Muslims, will come to faith in Jesus Christ. And given the
events going on in our world today, people at the Pentagon, people at
the CIA, people at the White House are asking to sit down and talk
about these issues, to understand the Biblical perspective, because it
is uncanny what is happening out there and it deserves some study.

Get a good belly laugh and read the whole thing. No, it’s not two inmates from an insane asylum, but it ought to be — rather than a discussion of the sort of "geopolitical analysis" they’re prepared to provide to the White House, CIA, and Pentagon.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was once enough of a complete impressionable moron to hear stuff like that and completely take it in stride with a head nod. Reading it today, I’m just awestruck by the insanity. I mean, I was just writing about bigger fools, and it boggles my mind to think that anyone, in 2007 — with so much access to information at the fingertips — could be a big enough fool. At least I had the excuse of being somewhat cloistered, which is the Fundy stock in trade; i.e., church three of four times per week, private echo-chamber schools, limited or no access to television, limited or no access to contemporary music, limited or no access to contemporary film. In short, the idea is to limit competing sources of information.

Sure, they (Fundies) are all over the Internet, but just like we boys had the Playboy stash behind the woodshed, you’d think kids today would be bombarded by competing information. I suspect they are, but it just takes time for nutbars like this to be laughed off the planet.

It’ll never be soon enough for me.

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