Girl Scouts Playing Army Man

In this case, the Marion County Sheriff chapter of the Girl Scouts of America.


Aren’t they just adorable in their army-man, tough-guy getups (especially Sgt. Jeff Gold,
right out there in front)? Oops, I said "getups." Sorry, "guys;" didn’t
mean to make you feel self conscious, or anything (at least not in that way). And besides, assistant SWAT commander Fred Chrisholm "will keep facing danger," we’re totally relieved to be informed.

And hey, when you’re not all out "facing danger," you and those "19
other SWAT team members" can kick back in "air condition[ed]" comfort,
crank up some tunes on that in-dash "AM/FM radio" or "compact disc
player" and have yourselves some nice pink lemonade — what with those
"retractable cupholders" & all.

Maybe you can raise a toast to the demise of Posse Comitatus, or at least the spirit and intent of it.


Richard Nikoley

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  1. Natasha on May 8, 2007 at 17:59

    Getups? You are too polite. I call them "costumes". These freaks are playing war against people they are supposed to "protect". Sure is easier than killing actual enemies hell-bent on destroying whatever is left of America as it ought to be.

  2. Natasha on May 8, 2007 at 18:05

    Hate to "spam" your comments like this, but this hits a nerve. I left Russia to avoid this exact nonsense. Now, it's damn deja-vu, and it makes me sick. Why is it that aside from you, and Beck, and maybe a handful of others, does nobody else notice a pattern?

  3. Ernest Brown on May 10, 2007 at 09:10

    It's the abdication of personal responsibility writ large, Natasha. People think that you're lying when you tell them that the U.S. Government used to ENCOURAGE kids to bring rifles to school shooting clubs (the Army/NRA marksmanship program), and no school shootings ever happened. In fact, the worst school violence in U.S. history occured when one of the Bath, MI school board members went psycho and blew up the elementary school in 1927, killing 45.

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