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At this point, it’s all you can really do. Aaron Krowne lays down a pretty good analysis of Russ Winter’s poll compilation and analysis on the Republican debate. I sure wasn’t paying any attention to debates on either side, and the one report I heard — from my brother of all people — was that Ron Paul didn’t perform well. Hah!

I’ve only looked at one of them; after over 84,000 responses in this MSNBC poll, Ron Paul was clearly the top performer. It’s especially striking to click the "Before" and "After" buttons. In terms of positive rating, the top-three lineup "Before" was Giuliani (41%), McCain (31%), and Romney (28%). Paul was at 9% (8th of 10). After? Well, Paul went from a negative rating of 47% down to 26% and a positive of 9% to a whopping 38% for first place. The others? Giuliani’s negative went from 34% to 42% and from 1st place at 41% down to 3rd place at 24%. Romney took 2nd place by improving his negative rating from 41% to 37% and only shaving off a point in his positive standing (28% to 27%). McCain was an embarrassment, as usual (will that shithead never go away?). He went from a negative of 40% to 44%, and in terms of positive, from 31% to a pathetic 19% for 4th place.

Of course, that probably means that McCain won.

But nobody ought be getting any hopes up, and especially because even if Paul were somehow able to take this thing, he’d either be ineffective against the juggernaut or corrupted from his consistent principled stands he’s known for (go take a look at some of Reagan’s speeches even before he was CaGov). But he’s not going to win. There’s only one way to win a presidential race these days and that is to have a team of political consultants who can strike the winning balance of issues whereby the president promises to punish — through force of fines, guns, and jail — those you don’t like in whatever ways you don’t like them. Get that in just the right combination for a delicious pot of cannibal stew, and it’s a winner every time.

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