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See the Answer Tips image at the top of the column to your left? Ok, now double-click on any word anywhere on this page and see what happens. If it's a hyper-linked word, then right double-click. Tell me that's not cool. Just go right ahead.Read More

Funny Carter

Glancing through the news, I see this. Former President Carter says President Bush's administration is "the worst in history"... I was immediately reminded of a joke that goes something like this: A husband and wife who'd been married for many years had just completed a session in bed, when the wife, who just can't take it anymore, says out loud: "You know, I've just got to tell you. You're the world's worst lover." The husband…Read More


Is there a better word to describe this? "What kind of embassy is it when everybody lives inside and it's blast-proof, and people are running around with helmets and crouching behind sandbags?" Perhaps they ought to consider a mote, drawbridge, battlements and portcullises.Read More

Ron Paul and Blog

For those interested in a single-source for current news and whatnot on Ron Paul, here's an unofficial blog that seems to be doing a pretty good job rounding up everything of interest so you don't have to. So throw that puppy into your RSS reader if you like. I highly doubt Paul could ever win this thing (primary or general) -- but he is a U.S. Congressman of several terms so it's certainly within the…Read More

“Speaking Intolerable Truths”

Much as I hate to say it, because he's so often whack, Pat Buchanan is right about this. It's along the lines of something I wrote yesterday. ...up on that stage in Columbia, he was speaking intolerable truths. Understandably, Republicans do not want him back... I suppose it's not unreasonable to say that those who opposed going into Iraq in the first place had very good reason, simply because the chances were so great it…Read More

Big, Bigger, Biggest Fool’s Parade

I don't know that James Dobson is anywhere near what Andrew Sullivan refers to as "the most influential man in the Republican base," but he's pretty damn influential, successful, and has been for a long time (I remember him as a teenager, like 30 years ago). But get a load of that, will ya? Well, God is going to move. You won't find in the Scriptures that the United States is coming to rescue Israel…Read More

Grave Dancing

An interview of Christopher Hitchens given to CNN on the death of Jerry Falwell. I take some issue with it, but take a look first. I'm not so sure that Falwell wasn't sincere in his beliefs in primitive superstition and an imaginary friend. As a teenager and young adult, I watched Falwell and others like him very closely, went to a college for a year at a place much like Liberty University, et cetera. There's…Read More

Facts and Judgments

The blogosphere is awash in commentary about the Guiliani and Ron Paul kerfuffle in the 2nd GOP debate the other night. I'll simply point out that there are facts, and then there are judgments about what ought to be done about them. Why is it such a taboo for Paul to point out that America has and is being targeted by Middle Eastern terrorist organizations because it has engaged itself in Middle Eastern affairs? It's…Read More

Confirming Signal

Yep; just when you think all is settled and everyone is on board is the most critical time in any trend. I saw this coming months ago. Here's a confirming signal (link: Meyer). Watch for more. It was a combination of things. It was the ever-increasing number of Toyota Prius Hybrids I see (enormous, here in CA). It was compact florescent bulbs, which for most applications are not any improvement over what we've been using…Read More

This Just In

Michael Hampton at Homeland Stupidity has a really excellent writeup on last night's GOP Debate on Fox to include poll results at both Fox and MSNBC where Paul placed 2nd and 1st, respectively. Look: nobody should be the president of the United States. But I'd at least like to see Paul get some decent (wide) media exposure. He's the only one (on either side) saying anything that 's worth more than a dime's worth of…Read More


I actually heard him speak in person once, at a church here in the SF Bay Area. Must've been mid-80's. As with all such controversial personalities, they're loved or hated far more than ignored and in my book, overcoming irrelevance goes a long way towards having lived a life. - I really believe that the Pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians, ... the ACLU, People For the American…Read More

Legislating Elightenment

Here's a follow-up to a sent item form yesterday. This was from another very nice and upstanding member of our small community whose company I always enjoy quite enthusiastically. I understand the point of view that compassion and respect cannot and should not be legislated--that's what I hear lies at the heart of your response, yes? Yes; they cannot. Compassion, respect, appreciation, understanding, enlightenment, empathy, et al; these and other -- some would say 'virtuous'…Read More

“The Stockdale Paradox”

Long-term human optimism in the face of short-term reality An interesting bit on the late Admiral Jim Stockdale, Vietnam prisoner of war. Asked: "Who didn't make it out?" "The optimists. They were the ones who said we're going to be out by Christmas. And, Christmas would come and Christmas would go. Then they'd say, We're going to be out by Easter. And Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it…Read More


A nice gentleman from our downtown loft complex writes to the homeowners email list regarding the handicapped parking in our garage. My reply to the list follows. I hope we would all respect the intended use of those spaces. I wonder if "respect" is the right word. Isn't "submit" more accurate? "I hope we would all submit to the intended use of those spaces." If we, as owners-in-common, had voluntarily decided to donate the --…Read More

Resistance to Change

I mentioned my new Sony Reader a couple of posts ago, and the discussion in the comments related to it reminded me of this little bit I saw some time ago. I'm sure the transition from stone tablets to scrolls went along without a lot of opposition.Read More

The Irony

What Daimler gains from the deal is closing the door on both the ongoing losses and the liability for future health care costs for Chrysler's unionized employees and retirees, estimated to be as high as $18 billion. I suppose the lesson to take away is that it's one thing to be a socialist company, another to be a stupid company, but socialist and stupid just won't do.Read More

A Reading: Greatest Enemies

His aversion to religion, in the sense usually attached to the term, was of the same kind with that of Lucretius: he regarded it with the feelings due not to a mere mental delusion, but to a great moral evil. He looked upon it as the greatest enemy of morality: first, by setting up factitious excellencies -- belief in creeds, devotional feelings, and ceremonies, not connected with the good of human kind -- and causing…Read More

Kicking Back

Visiting San Francisco for the weekend, staying at our timeshare on Bush St. at Stockton just off Union Square. We just absolutely love it up here. A few Saturday morning photographs from the farmer's market at the Ferry Building. Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge: The Transamerica Building and Financial District: Coit Tower and surrounding commie residential area. That's where you can live when you can afford a $1 million condominium or $2 million townhouse.…Read More

Interview with a Fellow American

Christopher Hitchens: "It's an inescapable one. Religion ends and philosophy begins, just as alchemy ends and chemistry begins and astrology ends and astronomy begins." All together with a pretty touching moment at the end...Read More