Christopher Hitchens: funny and witty interview with Jon Stewart on his new book God in not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.Read More

Girl Scouts Playing Army Man

In this case, the Marion County Sheriff chapter of the Girl Scouts of America. Aren't they just adorable in their army-man, tough-guy getups (especially Sgt. Jeff Gold, right out there in front)? Oops, I said "getups." Sorry, "guys;" didn't mean to make you feel self conscious, or anything (at least not in that way). And besides, assistant SWAT commander Fred Chrisholm "will keep facing danger," we're totally relieved to be informed. And hey, when you're…Read More

Roundup Roundup

What the hell; I'll just copy/paste the whole thing. It is "The Land of the Free," you know. Yet more accounts of lying police in Atlanta. And, more importantly, more proof that there's no accountability or oversight at APD. In Memphis, cops plead guilty to pulling over suspected drug dealers (black men driving expensive cars), shake them down for payoffs, then let them go. Two dozen Memphis police officers have been charged with corruption since…Read More


Riveting. But I warn you. Once you get started, you might not come up for air for hours. Back even before the advent of email I used to get the Nigerian scam letters in snail mail, even by fax. You know the ones. Dear sir, You'll certainly wonder who I am? and how I got your adress? In fact I'm Patrick Guilley NGOZI,son of a General of Centrafrican Republic Army who was dead during the…Read More

Maybe Take Note

At this point, it's all you can really do. Aaron Krowne lays down a pretty good analysis of Russ Winter's poll compilation and analysis on the Republican debate. I sure wasn't paying any attention to debates on either side, and the one report I heard -- from my brother of all people -- was that Ron Paul didn't perform well. Hah! I've only looked at one of them; after over 84,000 responses in this MSNBC…Read More

Ego “Justice”

I've never been a fan of Paris Hilton in the slightest and, in fact, never had the slightest idea of who she was until it became impossible not to...probably around the time the video -- that I've never bothered to watch -- was all over the news. Never watched a single minute of that TV show she did either. Apparently there's something interesting or funny about people who have no idea of how to see…Read More

Self-Defense and Preparedness Notes

[An email out to my homeowners association membership on the subject of emergency preparedness, previous comments having sparked an invitation to attend the next emergency preparedness committee meeting and provide input.] I don't know that I'm much of a meeting kind of guy for something like this, but I do have a few general ideas to think about, for whatever they're worth to anyone. 1. The worse the disaster, the more you are likely to…Read More

Know Thyself

I'm wary of people who wring hands over the prospect of an armed populace; not because they don't hold the same values I do or the illogic of their position, but because I wonder about the mental stability of someone who dwells on what armed people might do when they get upset. I dunno, but I have to wonder if they're not admitting something about themselves. Perhaps they indeed ought to self-refrain from carrying a…Read More

“Making Deals”

Under the title "Venezuela seizes last private oil fields in challenge to multinationals," we find that "deals" are being made. Making deals: While the state takeover had been planned for some time, BP PLC, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp., France's Total SA and Norway's Statoil ASA remain locked in a struggle with the Chavez government over the terms and conditions under which they will be allowed to stay on as minority partners. All but…Read More

“It’s turtles all the way down”

I stumbled upon a good one by Henry David Thoreau: Men are making speeches… all over the country, but each expresses only the thought, or the want of thought, of the multitude. No man stands on truth. They are merely banded together as usual, one leaning on another and all together on nothing; as the Hindoos made the world rest on an elephant, and the elephant on a tortoise, and had nothing to put under…Read More

Politicized Science: How the Sun Might Save Your Life

It's everywhere. Everywhere. Fake science for political gain. Hate the natural fact that life, health, and happiness require the production of values; and producing values requires work and effort; and some do it better, faster, and more effectively than others? Then use "science!" to get back at 'em. Remember the skin-cancer scare? Corporations. Yep. Corporations produce pollutants; the pollutants destroy the ozone; people get skin cancer. Cause and effect. I could go on all day;…Read More