Roundup Roundup

What the hell; I’ll just copy/paste the whole thing. It is "The Land of the Free," you know.

  • Yet more accounts of lying police in Atlanta.  And, more importantly, more proof that there’s no accountability or oversight at APD.
  • In Memphis,
    cops plead guilty to pulling over suspected drug dealers (black men
    driving expensive cars), shake them down for payoffs, then let them go.
    Two dozen Memphis police officers have been charged with corruption
    since 2004.

  • In New Jersey,
    two deejays noted postings on a password-protected website indicating
    that the state police may be planning a "ticket blitz" because they’re
    upset about the way the media has been treating the state trooper who
    crashed while driving Gov. John Corzine. According to media reports,
    the trooper was traveling in excess of 90 mph, and apparently checking
    his Blackberry at the time of the accident. When the deejays read the
    anonymous posts on-air, the head of the police union responded by
    broadcasting one of the deejays home address and license plate on the
    local news. He says posting word of the ticket blitz threatened police
    safety, because it would cause motorists to question the legitimacy of
    their tickets. Much more here.

  • The former head
    of the Monroe, Louisiana police union was arrested and charged with
    lying to federal investigators about an insurance scam. He’s on paid administrative leave.

  • Pick your side in this one, I guess.  Here’s an account
    from a more interested party. Here’s my question: Is it illegal to have
    an expired tag on an inoperable vehicle that’s parked on your own

  • A labor board has recommended
    that a Windsor, Connecticut police officer who was fired after having
    held a gun to a woman’s head and pulling the trigger now be reinstated.

  • A Lawrence, Massachusetts cop who beat a handcuffed man until he fell unconscious got a whopping 30-day suspension.
  • You know where.
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    1. Bob on May 8, 2007 at 18:14

      "Is it illegal to have an expired tag on an inoperable vehicle that's parked on your own property?"

      In Washington State: no, it is perfectly legal although some cities do have ordinances concerning the appearance of the vehicle, e.g., must have tires on all four wheels, unbroken windshield, appear to be a servicable vehicle, etc. The couple of ordinaces I have read seem to be in place to prevent a person from creating an eyesore in the neighborhood — the requirements only apply to vehicles visible from the street.

    2. Michael Hampton on May 9, 2007 at 00:15

      Where have you been? Join us in liberty here in the Free State.

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